Welcome to Mommy’s Tool Belt!


This is the first official post of Mommy’s Tool Belt! I am very excited to share this new experience with you! Let’s start with a little bit about me.

My name is Chrissy Torres and I am married and soon to be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary! We have 3 children, 1 boy and 2 girls, ages 7, 5, and 2. I currently am a stay at home mom of my littlest girl, Violet, as the older children, Nicholas and Mila, are at school. My husband, Sovalon, is a Network Specialist and knows way more about computers than I do!

I work on the weekends as a certified massage therapist. I enjoy performing massages, but I stopped doing it full-time when the little ones started arriving. I was also diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus after 2 of my children were born which made it difficult to massage full-time. I cut back my hours and decided to be a stay at home mom!

As the years went on, I realized more and more how much I enjoy interior design. I should’ve known awhile ago since there were small hints pointing to it as a profession. The first couch I bought on my own I had special ordered and there was a fabric for the pillows that I wasn’t in love with so I asked the sales person if it was possible to turn the fabric inside out and have them sewn together that way. The sales person was blown away that I would even ask something like that, but after he saw the swatch inside out, he loved it! That was the first sign that I have an outside the box way of thinking with design and remodeling.

I decided to write a blog so I could share all of my ideas with readers that are interested in trying their own DIY home projects. There is a sense of accomplishment in finishing a project on your own and seeing how you made your mark on something. Your home is the biggest blank slate and you can write all over it however you please. Show your personality! I try to make smart, inexpensive decisions in remodeling and designing my home and there’s no better way than DIY! I have many projects I would like to share from the past and many coming in the future. Comments are always welcome and I look forward to hearing what Mommy’s Tool Belt followers think! Maybe you will get an idea to help customize your own home!

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