Turn Pallets into Storage

Pallets are so fun to re-use and they are usually free or very inexpensive. I’ve been working on making pallet frames and I got lucky getting pallets from Petsmart, our window company, and Walgreens (my mom works there!). I know that Best Buy sells them for $5, but I hate paying for things I can get free. Any who, onto the project!

My mom brought me a pallet that was a little smaller than the rest and not as aged as I would’ve liked it so I decided to find another use for it. I don’t know about you, but I love spray painting because it’s so easy and fast! Pinterest has great ideas for pallets used as alternative things and I recently seen one turned into garage storage and thought it would be perfect for our garage. We have a lot of random items like tennis rackets and bats laying around that would fit right into the side of the pallet. In a split second decision, I had decided to take out some old red spray paint I had from another project and sprayed it!

Here’s the pallet before..













Here’s the pallet after…


The kids actually threw things in there for me to take the picture, but it does its job!














It was so easy! I like the fact that it adds color to the garage too and the kids actually put things back in it! Score one for Mom! I plan on stenciling something on the front this summer probably a saying about sports or sunshine. Go get your hands on a pallet and make one for yourself! You can’t pass up cheap garage storage! 🙂

P.S. Thanks Mom for the pallet!


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