Transform an Old Buffet into a New Piece of Furniture

I have to say that I’m jealous of anyone that has a beautiful piece of furniture from the past. My aunt Aimee has a buffet that she loves and is full of character, but she was not in love with the dark wood that weighed down her dining room. She called me to help her update it while saving the character and I was up for the challenge!

Her favorite color is blue and so I went on a search for the perfect blue in a chalk paint that would cover the buffet nicely without any sanding. Joann Fabrics has a line of chalk paint with many color options called Folk Art Home Decor Chalk Paint and I highly suggest it. So here’s what you need..

  • Folk Art Chalk Paint, Turkish Tile
  • Paint Brush
  • Sand Paper
  • Folk Art White Wax







Clean the buffet or your furniture before you start painting. There is minimal prep before painting. Start by putting a coat of chalk paint on with your paint brush. If you want full coverage, apply 2 coats. Here is the before.





When the paint dries, you are ready for sanding! Details in your piece are especially important to keep to have a unique and character filled piece of furniture. Don’t lose the details! I went around the piece and found little nicks and marks that I wanted to accentuate and lightly sanded them to bring out the dark stain underneath. Go around the edges and corners and sand gently and watch the dark color come through! It looks really neat and slightly aged.

























To add another layer of dimension to the buffet, I took the Folk Art White Wax and applied small amounts on the corners of the doors and edges to make them stand out. The white edges brings the piece texture and also breaks up the solid color for a softer look. Use your finger to rub in around the pieces you sanded and the edges. It really makes a difference and the drawers and doors actually seem to pop out at you! Dimension is important when you redo a piece since wood grain and stain naturally has dimension in the color changes. Sanding and adding the white is your own way of taking the solid look and breaking it up the same way as wood grain. Hope that makes sense!!


Aimee is still searching for the right handles and knobs to fit her new buffet, but she’s hoping to find something that ties in with the color and has some personality. The brass knobs and pulls will not be going back on! On a side note, one option could be to spray the old knobs and pulls with a oil rubbed bronze spray and then you can keep them and have them look fabulous. I can’t wait to use more Chalk paint in the near future!










Happy Hump Day!

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