Train Bridge is Finished


Finally the train shelf is just about finished now that the train bridge is complete! I wanted to share the finished product with all of you!

I created the bridge with small square dowels 3/8″ thick attached to 1/2″ thick dowels with the nail gun. I’ve never made a train bridge before so I winged it and this is what I came up with..


It was important for the train to be seen from underneath as it traveled across the bridge. I determined the length between shelves so the train could run across from one side to the other. I cut (2) 1/2″ thick square dowels in that length and connected them with smaller pieces of the same dowel to create the track section of the bridge.


Using size 3/8″ square dowels, I angled them from the bottom of the bridge up to attach to another 3/8 ” dowel that runs across the top. They attach easily with a small nail and nail gun.

Once the dowels are all attached, the bridge should be ready to attach to the shelves! I used small flat pieces of wood to attach from the bridge to the bottom of the shelf with the nail gun. This seemed to be the easiest way to make the train track level.IMG_5020The bridge is now ready for the track to be installed on it and then of course the train! We are waiting for more track to come in the mail (anxiously waiting) and my son will be able to enjoy the train track around the room once it’s here! I still have some painting to do to pretty up the shelves and holders, but that’s all easy compared to this.

I hope you can find use for a bridge in your home, train or not! It’s a cool addition to his room, I must say! Watch for more updates as I finish up this train shelf project.



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