Say Hello to the White Kitchen

Hey there! I have started my kitchen remodel and I am working hard to push through it! I can see the finished product in my head of a beautiful white kitchen that will brighten up the room and bring more custom elements into our home.

So far I’ve added trim to the plain cabinets, built the cabinet up to the ceiling, added trim above the cabinets, and caulked and primed the surfaces! Whoa, that’s a lot already! Not everyone approves of a white kitchen, including my parents, but I love the look of a clean, white kitchen with a sparkle of stainless steel. Here are some white kitchens that I get my inspiration from..

Remodelando la Casa Kitchen-3

Image: Remodelando La Casa


Image: HGTV


Image: Eclectically Vintage


Image: Interior design decor blog

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I love the custom look for less and that’s what I’m shooting for as I add molding and trim to the existing cabinets. Wish me luck as I continue the remodel! Stay tuned…


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