Removing Paint from Glass

Hi there! We’ve been spending a lot of time building a room in the basement for the older nephews to sleep in and we’re almost finished! They’re busy making plans for what they want it to look and excited to help me paint!

As we work on that project, I wanted to stop by and give a quick tip for painting around glass. There’s so many times where I’ve had to paint around a window or paint furniture that has a pane of glass to paint by.

This tip will help take the stress out of painting around glass! I hate to say it, but I’m not a huge taper. Is that even a thing? Haha! You know what I mean.. I hate taking the time to tape before I paint! I’m very impatient and always super excited to get started with the project.

This doesn’t pan out well when painting around glass because I always get a ton of paint on the glass. Once I found out about this trick, it eased my worries and I could finally paint away!

Here’s the secret tool for this tip.. a razor blade! This is how it works.

Start painting around the glass without taping and believe it or not you actually want to paint the glass! Do NOT be careful and the more paint on the glass the better obviously in a reasonable amount.


Let the paint dry and then take out your secret tool. Slowly scrape the glass with the razor blade flush against the glass. Watch the magic happen!


The paint comes off so easily and leaves a clean edge of paint along the piece you’re painting. You didn’t have to waste your time taping beforehand and you have a clean paint job when you’re finished.

So what are you? A taper before the paint or razor remover after painting?

Here are some progress pictures for the basement room! They are going to love it!

unnamed (1)


Happy Friday!


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