Removing Old Wax from Candle Holders

I hope everyone is enjoying the freshly fallen snow. Only an inch or so has fallen here with a slippery layer of ice underneath, but I will take that over 2 feet of snow!!

Tonight, I decided to clean some of my candle holders that have been sitting around with old wax on them waiting to be used, but aren’t so pretty. The kids were making sugar cube igloos so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity.

I found a pretty snazzy technique to get the wax off in a quick way and thought it was worth sharing! These 2 candle holders are made out of a beautiful crystal, but they are covered in red wax. They need to shine so I can use them again!


So here’s the trick! Take your candle holder that’s loaded with unwanted wax and get it in the kitchen.

Start by boiling some water. Get out a disposable container that you don’t want after using it. It has to be able to hold very hot water.

Fill the bowl with the boiling water and put the candle holder in the water.




Within 20 seconds, the wax will start peeling off! It’s actually really neat to watch and the kids thought it was awesome! We are science nerds I guess…


Kinda gross!!

Kinda gross!!

Take the holder out of the water and wipe off any remaining wax before it cools down. You may have to repeat the steps if there’s a layer of wax still on the holder.

Now the original beauty has been restored! Look at the difference a couple minutes made with hardly any elbow grease! You can use old candle jars as nice glass bowls or candy holders.. Don’t just toss them because you’re finished with the candle; reuse them!! Here’s how the candle holders look now…..



Candle holder collage

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