Pallet Knob Towel Holder

I’m working hard on the bathroom and getting closer to the finish line! As I put together some of the pieces that make this bathroom unique, I have to share them with you as the excitement grows. (I’m impatient when it comes to finishing projects!)

So, one of my DIY projects for the bathroom is a towel holder made from pallet wood and miscellaneous knobs from Hobby Lobby. I wanted to create something rustic and eclectic that would fit with my farmhouse, country styled bathroom.

It’s super easy to make with few supplies so I highly suggest it! Here’s what you will need..

Long piece of pallet wood

4 knobs


2 Wall Hanger Claws

2 Screws



Take your long piece of pallet wood, and cut it however long you want it. I went with a length that would fit 4 knobs which was about 21″ long and that was enough towel hanging space for me.

Hobby Lobby has a great selection of unique knobs so I suggest going there to look. My daughter helped me pick out some beautiful knobs, some with hints of cream and the others, an aqua/green. I brought in the decorative iron that I have spread throughout the bathroom and bought bases for the knobs. You can go crazy with all the options, but go with your gut and stick to the feel of your bathroom style to decide.

Lay out the knobs how you want them placed on the pallet and space them apart evenly. Mine were about 5 1/2 inches from center to center and that left plenty of space for each towel to hang. Mark each hole so you can pre-drill them to prevent wood splitting.



Screw in the knobs and secure them with the nut on the other side of pallet. The knobs at Hobby Lobby come with super long screws and a nut to secure it. They totally threw me for a loop and it took me awhile to problem solve how to get it flush against the wall. (Sometimes the easiest solutions are the ones that cause the most problems for me!)


After some time to think and asking the men in my life, I decided to hacksaw off the extra screw. So after the nut is on tight, cut the screw with a hacksaw or a screw cutter, which ever one works better for you. My arm sure was sore after cutting off all 4 screws!



I debated whether or not I wanted to have the hanger flush on the wall, but with the nuts on the back, it  was impossible. I bought some picture hangers to add to the back of the pallet to hang it on the wall. My mom helped me pound one in on each end of the board and then it was ready to hang!!

Pallet Knob Towel Hanger


Pick the perfect spot to hang it in your bathroom and use your level to make sure it’s straight. Now hang your towels!! I haven’t hung any towels yet because I love looking at the pretty knobs 🙂

I hope you love your new towel holder and now I will get back to working on this bathroom so I can share it with you hopefully really soon!

Happy Monday!


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