Custom Built Playhouse Part 1

I have been waiting to share my custom built playhouse for the right time and the right time is now! Believe it or not, the playhouse was one of my first projects of this size. Most of my projects before this were on a small scale and so this was a huge leap of faith.

Custom playhouses in this size are $4,000 +++! We built it for around $1,000 using our thrifty skills and finding cheap lumber. Building it yourself will save labor costs and give you a sense of accomplishment every time your kids enjoy it! If ours wasn’t so darn big, I would keep it in the family forever!

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The New Chandelier!

Well, I’m not feeling well and can’t do much other than sit on the couch because someone decided to share the stomach flu with me! (Maybe it was the kid vomiting at the last baseball game, who knows!) I figured I would share which chandelier I decided to go with in the eat in kitchen…

And the winner is……..






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How to Install an Outlet Extender


The country chic bathroom is finished and I hope you enjoyed my reveal! All that’s left now are tutorials to help you recreate the look!

This tutorial will show you how to extend the outlet so it will be flush on the new wall covered in shiplap or whatever treatment you added to the wall.

All you need is a plastic extender and a screwdriver!

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DIY Faux Shiplap


I have been wanting to add shiplap in my home ever since seeing the show Fixer Upper and everyone knows my love for Joanna Gaines. Unfortunately for me, my house doesn’t have shiplap behind the walls like the old houses in Waco. So I have to create my own shiplap to create the texture I’m looking for on my walls!

For my bathroom remodel, I decided to use the faux shiplap technique to elongate the walls and make the bathroom feel bigger. The rustic farmhouse chic is exactly what I want for my new bathroom makeover.

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Bathroom Reveal

It’s time to reveal the new bathroom! Aren’t you all excited!!??? One of my favorite times in the process, as I have said before, is the reveal. This is what every designer and diy’er waits for… to show off their work that they’ve been busting their butts on!

The bathroom before had blonde stained oak builder grade cabinets with the awesome no frame mirror that they put in every house. Can we say no character?! There was the typical vanity light and chrome faucet which I’m not a fan of. This is how it was right when we moved in..

DSC_0031 (2)

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Kitchen Cupboard Chalkboard


Yesterday was a rainy day here in Minnesota, and also a sad day with the news of Prince’s death. A beautiful rainbow was shining over his home and  it gives me hope that there is an eternal ever after.. RIP Prince.

On a brighter note, I wanted to share a quick and easy project that can help with your kitchen to-do lists. As I was following Cristina on her blog Remodelando la Casa, she posted about adding a chalkboard to her cupboards for the perfect spot for a grocery list or any other lists you need made. I love a lot of her ideas and I had to include this one in my kitchen redo! So I’m going to share how to add a chalkboard to the inside of your kitchen cupboard!

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Fixer Upper Inspired Lighting

fixer upper lighting coll

Fixer Upper is my favorite show and really the only show that I take time to watch (other than Walking Dead!) because I’d rather be working on a project after the kiddos go to bed. I’m completely obsessed with Joanna and Chip to the point where my husband is concerned, haha!

Joanna’s style is exactly as I would describe mine and there has not been a time that I didn’t like one of her design choices. I even like her clothing choices!

Anyways, it just so happens that I have been looking for a new light fixture for the eat in kitchen area and it doesn’t need to be huge since it’s over a round table that seats 5. This is the fixture up for changing.

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Pallet Knob Towel Holder



I’m working hard on the bathroom and getting closer to the finish line! As I put together some of the pieces that make this bathroom unique, I have to share them with you as the excitement grows. (I’m impatient when it comes to finishing projects!)

So, one of my DIY projects for the bathroom is a towel holder made from pallet wood and miscellaneous knobs from Hobby Lobby. I wanted to create something rustic and eclectic that would fit with my farmhouse, country styled bathroom.

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Bathroom Remodel in the Works!

Hi everyone! I’m in the midst of remodeling our main upstairs bathroom and I wanted to share my inspiration as we continue working on the project. So far we have some ship lap on the walls, new knobs on the vanity along with a new stain color (but not sure if it’s staying), a big hole where the lights are being re-wired, and the lights are almost ready to be installed.

Once we have the lights up, we just need to patch the wall, and finish the ship lap over the vanity. Seems easy enough, but it’s still a ways to go! We’ve had a lot of sick kiddos, including myself, that have put the project on hold, but that’s how life works! I’m hoping we can finish a good amount of it before we go on vacation for spring break on the 20th. That’s really hoping for a miracle, haha!

Here are my inspiration photos that I love and tried to incorporate little pieces of them into the new bathroom. I’m loving the modern farmhouse look, but I’ve also been a vintage glam girl too so there might be a mix of the 2.

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Do It Yourself Terrarium


Hey there! I’m so excited to say I’ve joined a blogger/enthusiast website called Hometalk and things are going really well there! The people are super nice and have responded well to my projects so far so I’m a happy gal! Hey to anyone visiting from Hometalk!! I can’t believe it, but I actually have 108,000 views on my bathroom remodel! My jaw hit the floor lol. Welcome to the newbie subscribers and I hope you enjoy my upcoming projects!

Terrariums are so beautiful and natural. Another plus is that my cat won’t eat it! I love plants, but my cat kills them in no time flat! What a bummer! Terrariums allow the beauty without the chewing (lol) and they are easy to care for.

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