Massage Room Makeover

In case you didn’t know this about me, I’m a massage therapist and have been for 14 years! I only work on the weekends now, but it’s nice to get out of the house without the kids for a bit.

I work at a salon and spa called Colleen and Company which was my first job out of massage school. The owner, Colleen, has recently started trusting me with the interior design at the salon. Of course I am crazy excited about it!!

The building is really old and has an old house feeling to it, but I have no idea if it actually was a house at one time or not. The massage room that I updated is a room that was built by adding a wall to an open room to split it into 2 spaces. It’s the perfect size for a massage room, but it needed a little love to make you want to come in, take your clothes off with a stranger, and get your massage on! Here’s the before!

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DIY Stick Figure Costume



We’re a month away from Halloween and it’s time to start planning the costumes! Last year my boy wanted to be a stick figure and I saw a costume at Target that was what we were looking for, but didn’t have great reviews. There were more expensive options that could be bought as a kit with LED lights, but they were around $70! So I decided to make my own.. strange. 🙂

It’s super easy to make and the only downfall is it has to be put together right before you walk out the door to ensure the brightness of the sticks. Here’s the supplies you will need..

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Our Rental Home Goes on the Market!

Well, hello! Long time no read! I have been so busy working on our rental home since the renters moved out on July 1. We had so much to fix and change to make it market ready! I went there every day with the 3 kids and I feel like we wasted half the summer there, but the house is on the market now and we’re crossing our fingers that it sells fast! Here’s what I’ve been up to the last month and a half!

Some things that we fixed and updated on the home were refinishing the wood floors, updating to stainless steel appliances, new light fixtures, every room has fresh paint, adding hardware to the kitchen cabinets, and repairing some walls.

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Custom Built Playhouse Part 3

It’s officially summer! How great it feels to have the sun back in my life (I live in Minnesota)! I hope everyone is getting out and enjoying the great weather. We are having a blast!

Is anyone out building a new playhouse? If not, you better get started! We’re moving onto Part 3 of the custom built playhouse so you should start building, ASAP!

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Custom Built Playhouse Part 2

Welcome to Summer! School’s out for summer and the kiddos are home which takes up most of my time. I feel like it takes a whole team to keep these kids busy! Having a full size playhouse around is definitely a plus!

If you’ve missed Part 1, check it out here!

So let’s move on to Part 2 of the custom built playhouse tutorial while the kids are sleeping. 🙂 We finished Part 1 with most of the framing up so we’ll continue from there.

The roof framing goes up next to create the peak of the loft area and the entrance room.


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Custom Built Playhouse Part 1

I have been waiting to share my custom built playhouse for the right time and the right time is now! Believe it or not, the playhouse was one of my first projects of this size. Most of my projects before this were on a small scale and so this was a huge leap of faith.

Custom playhouses in this size are $4,000 +++! We built it for around $1,000 using our thrifty skills and finding cheap lumber. Building it yourself will save labor costs and give you a sense of accomplishment every time your kids enjoy it! If ours wasn’t so darn big, I would keep it in the family forever!

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The New Chandelier!

Well, I’m not feeling well and can’t do much other than sit on the couch because someone decided to share the stomach flu with me! (Maybe it was the kid vomiting at the last baseball game, who knows!) I figured I would share which chandelier I decided to go with in the eat in kitchen…

And the winner is……..






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How to Install an Outlet Extender


The country chic bathroom is finished and I hope you enjoyed my reveal! All that’s left now are tutorials to help you recreate the look!

This tutorial will show you how to extend the outlet so it will be flush on the new wall covered in shiplap or whatever treatment you added to the wall.

All you need is a plastic extender and a screwdriver!

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DIY Faux Shiplap


I have been wanting to add shiplap in my home ever since seeing the show Fixer Upper and everyone knows my love for Joanna Gaines. Unfortunately for me, my house doesn’t have shiplap behind the walls like the old houses in Waco. So I have to create my own shiplap to create the texture I’m looking for on my walls!

For my bathroom remodel, I decided to use the faux shiplap technique to elongate the walls and make the bathroom feel bigger. The rustic farmhouse chic is exactly what I want for my new bathroom makeover.

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Bathroom Reveal

It’s time to reveal the new bathroom! Aren’t you all excited!!??? One of my favorite times in the process, as I have said before, is the reveal. This is what every designer and diy’er waits for… to show off their work that they’ve been busting their butts on!

The bathroom before had blonde stained oak builder grade cabinets with the awesome no frame mirror that they put in every house. Can we say no character?! There was the typical vanity light and chrome faucet which I’m not a fan of. This is how it was right when we moved in..

DSC_0031 (2)

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