Next Project- Around the Room Train Track on a Shelf

Hi all! Hope you are having a good weekend and ready for a great Monday! The kids and I started working on the next project today and I’m very excited about it! My son loves trains and Santa brought him a very special Lionel train for Christmas. We needed to figure out a way that he could display it and enjoy it everyday. Of course being the DIYer I am, I instantly thought about building a shelf to go around his room so he would be able to enjoy it all the time.

There isn’t a great option for shelving that would go all the way around his room and especially for the price I was willing to pay! Instead, I went to Home Depot and picked up some pine boards to make the shelves myself.

The Lionel train has G Gauge track that measures around 2-3 inches wide so the pine boards had to be 1×6 to fit the track and have some wiggle room. I bought the 10 foot boards to extend the walls of his room and hopefully not have to piece together any pieces. I love the crisp look of white shelving and pine boards take paint very well so that was the plan!

We started painting the boards and they look awesome! I also bought some pine brackets to hang the shelves with and plan on painting those once they are up on the wall. These are the pine boards with the coat of white. It’s so easy to make shelving look like it was store bought with a fraction of the cost.

Pine Boards Ready to Paint

Pine Boards Ready to Paint



Pine Boards painted white, ready to be hung

Pine Boards painted white, ready to be hung on the wall







Once the boards finish drying, the shelf brackets will be screwed into the studs to hold the pine boards around the top of the room. I will post pictures as it progresses!

This is going to be a great train room for my son because I’m not stopping until it’s amazing! I plan on making a railroad crossing sign out of an old pallet after inspiration from this sign on Etsy and I will post a tutorial for that too.

Etsy sign

Etsy sign





Keep watching for updates as this room plays out!

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