Mod Podge Toy Box Transformation

Toy box collage


Finally, some quiet time in the house to write a post! The kids know that nothing is safe from mom’s makeovers! The general looking wood toy box we have had for years was no exception.

I wanted to bring the fun out of the toy box and play with textures and patterns. I also knew that I wanted to use the mod podge method to get to the final transformation. I literally wandered Joann Fabrics for an hour looking for the right fabric or paper to speak to me and I finally stumbled upon these rolls of paper that would cover the toy box perfectly. It all pulled together once I found the right paper.

So here’s what you need to leave the store with to make the same changes to your toy box or your piece of furniture…

Bisque chalk paint

Paint brush

Mod Podge



2 Rolls of different patterned project paper or fabric of your choice

Start by painting your piece with the Bisque Chalk Paint. Or pick the color that will bring the personality out of your piece! Paint 2 coats of chalk paint and lightly sand it once it’s dry. It will smooth out the finish otherwise leave it un-sanded for a matte, textured finish.


When deciding on the paper, I really wanted to mix patterns to make the toy box extra cute and fun. I love a floral pattern with a geometric pattern and they seem to mix well. Mixing patterns is so hard though!!! I took a chance with putting the 2 patterns together, but I love it! No risk, no reward.. These are the 2 I used!


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Mod podge is actually really neat and I had fun using it for this project! It’s glue and sealer all in one and it makes paper look like it was laminated right onto the piece. Start by cutting the paper to fit each side before you apply any mod podge and make sure you are 100% certain because there’s no going back.


Once the paper is cut, you are ready to start painting on the mod podge. First, put a thin layer of mod podge on the furniture/toy box where you are going to apply the first piece of paper. It dries fast so keep a good pace to get the paper on there before that happens!! Now apply a coat of mod podge on the back of the paper and stick it on the piece.



This is the important part! To reduce wrinkles, take a roller or whatever you have laying around to smooth the paper starting from the middle, working your way to the edges. Make sure all the bubbles are out before you stop rolling! They actually have a tool for this, but I’m too cheap to buy it, haha!


Repeat the same steps for the whole piece. Let it dry for awhile before you start sealing it.

The sealing process is really simple. Apply one or two coats of mod podge over the paper and let it dry. It’s amazing! Once it’s dry, it’s like it was made that way! (Just ignore the slinky in the picture and my battered brush lol)






Now the toy box is finished and it makes me smile every time I see it! Away with the sad toy box that wasn’t very inviting in the room and now it adds to the room while storing all of those cluttering toys!! Yuck, toys are everywhere!!! I hope you love it and if you don’t have a toy box of your own, use another piece of furniture or even a box. Once you start mod podging, you will not want to stop!! Enjoy!

Mod Podge Toy Box Makeover




side toy box collage



P.S. I just started working on my next bathroom project so stay tuned for updates on that. (It includes shiplap!)


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