Massage Room Makeover

In case you didn’t know this about me, I’m a massage therapist and have been for 14 years! I only work on the weekends now, but it’s nice to get out of the house without the kids for a bit.

I work at a salon and spa called Colleen and Company which was my first job out of massage school. The owner, Colleen, has recently started trusting me with the interior design at the salon. Of course I am crazy excited about it!!

The building is really old and has an old house feeling to it, but I have no idea if it actually was a house at one time or not. The massage room that I updated is a room that was built by adding a wall to an open room to split it into 2 spaces. It’s the perfect size for a massage room, but it needed a little love to make you want to come in, take your clothes off with a stranger, and get your massage on! Here’s the before!

img_1459 img_1461 img_1703 img_1704

There wasn’t a huge budget so the only things that could be changed were paint, furniture, curtains, and wall decor.

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Massage rooms should feel relaxing, dark, and elegant, along the lines of a bedroom. Using a dark trim and a soothing color on the walls will make the room feel grounded and soothing.

The paint color I chose for the trim and door is Hirshfields Oak Tone in semi-gloss and the wall color is Otter Tail, also in semi-gloss.

Before I could paint, I had to add a baseboard to the new wall. I will give a tutorial on that in another post. 🙂 Then I got to painting over the not so calming colors.


Once everything was painted, I found some wood accents from World Market to warm the space and a beautiful gold mirrored tray from Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby also has remote controlled candles that are perfect for setting the mood. They look fantastic on the accent tray!



Ignore the cords and massage supplies mess! I would love to wallpaper the back of the cutouts and organize the spaces better. Once the boss gives the green light, I’m doing it!

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I found a wood accent mirror from Target and some framed art that has a hint of soft mint that makes it feel oh so spa!


The curtains are neutral with one layer being a solid gray for darkening and the outer drape has a subtle diamond weave, perfect for a massage room!


A chair was pulled from another room that has the same mint hue that accents the room. The small gray nightstand was also reused from the room before.

One of my favorite things in the room is the fancy hook from World Market. It’s small in size, but packs a punch in personality. I’m in love with its vintage appeal; I want these hooks in my home!


The new room is looking a ton better and it’s so calming now that I want to sleep while I’m working. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing! Bad while working, but great for the clients to relax!


Check out these before and afters! I love the changes so far!

massroom4-collage massroom3-collage massroom1-collage massroom2-collage

I have a lot more plans for the salon and spa and I will keep you posted as I update the spaces! Enjoy the rest of your week!


Source List-

Threshold Diamond Weave Gray Curtains– Target

Gold Butler Tray- Hobby Lobby, Butler Tray– Similar tray at Target

Similar Accent Mirror– Another mirror from Target that’s gorgeous!

Similar Artwork– Target (Featured artwork is no longer sold at Target)

Wood Squares– World Market

Clothing Hook– World Market


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