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Yesterday was a rainy day here in Minnesota, and also a sad day with the news of Prince’s death. A beautiful rainbow was shining over his home and  it gives me hope that there is an eternal ever after.. RIP Prince.

On a brighter note, I wanted to share a quick and easy project that can help with your kitchen to-do lists. As I was following Cristina on her blog Remodelando la Casa, she posted about adding a chalkboard to her cupboards for the perfect spot for a grocery list or any other lists you need made. I love a lot of her ideas and I had to include this one in my kitchen redo! So I’m going to share how to add a chalkboard to the inside of your kitchen cupboard!

You need a few supplies and here they are..

Paint Brush

Chalkboard Paint


I bought some chalkboard paint at Target and this cool chalk set that comes with pastel colored chalk and chalk holder with a magnet for the fridge!! It’s the small things in life 🙂

Decide where you want to add the chalkboard. I love having it in the pantry door because it’s near the food and provides easy access to making a list where you can see what you need.


Start painting the inside squares of the cabinet with 2 coats of the chalkboard paint. Once the paint has cured, rub chalk all over the surface to break in the chalkboard. Seems weird I know, but it works..


Your chalkboard is now ready to be used! I don’t have great hand writing, but I tried my best to make the title ‘Grocery List’ look pretty! The kids have been scribbling food randomly all over the board since it was finished so it doesn’t really matter much!

The bottom is the perfect place for my children to draw pictures that make me smile every time I open the cupboard. Yours can be used for whatever you like, maybe a really long grocery list!


Hopefully this chalkboard will give you organization in your kitchen and grocery list. Figuring out organized chaos is always a goal in my designs and that’s why I jumped on the bandwagon so quickly to bring organization to my grocery shopping. I need it; there’s no question!

I would love to see other ideas for your chalkboard so please share!

Thanks for visiting!


Source List-

Chalkboard Paint

Pastel Chalk Set with Magnet Holder

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