How to Paint Murals like an Artist!




Murals are a great way to bring in creativity and art to any room. I’m always up for a challenge and believe I can do anything I put my mind to, so why not paint a mural?! Of course I’m not a painter or artist of any kind so I had to fake it 🙂 Now I’m going to let you in on a little secret to help you try it in your own home.

My first child was on his way and I was in the works on making a perfect jungle nursery for him. I started with the Zanzibar bedding and caught the inspiration bug! How great would it be to have huge jungle animals painted on the wall? The Zanzibar giraffe and monkey were my favorite so I went on my way to Home Depot and bought sample paints in colors that matched the colors in the monkey and giraffe. You don’t need to buy a big can because the $3 paint samplers are plenty. I believe the giraffe was 2 colors and the monkey was 5 or 6 colors if you count the branch and leaves. Take pieces of bedding or pieces of inspiration and match them to the color swatches in the store.

Now you will need a projector. Hopefully you know someone that you could borrow it from or already own one, but using the projector is an important part of the process. You will need to find the images that you are wanting to stencil on the computer and hook it up to your projector. I found the Zanzibar giraffe graphic online and brought it up on the projector to start the stenciling to the wall.

DSC06506 I lightly outlined the animals onto the wall with pencil so I could go back and paint it once it was on the wall. Once everything you want is stenciled on the wall, you are finished with the projector and are ready to paint. Start with a small brush to outline all of the areas of different colors since it is delicate work compared to painting bigger spaces. You can fill in with color once the stencil is outlined and you know where all the colors go. It’s like paint by number!DSC06511

Here is the giraffe with one color painted and it’s now ready for the brown spots.

The monkey is outlined and is painted in the same light brown as the giraffe. The monkey is now ready for the white paint and you can paint the green leaves and the branch. It’s amazing how close these animals resemble the bedding and it was so easy to do! I didn’t have to buy an expensive sticker or stencil to do it and they look great so far!

DSC06521The rest of the painting is completed and it wasn’t extremely time consuming. The animals look great on the wall and are fairly big, but they can be adjusted to whatever size you like by moving the projector closer or further away from the wall. I placed the animals to be around the crib so it would look as if the crib was a part of the jungle! Once I finished the giraffe and monkey, I just couldn’t stop there! I went a little paint crazy, but hey, I was pregnant and wanted the nursery to be perfect for my little boy on the way!

I painted a tiger in the corner, peering over the radiator so I didn’t have to paint the body and a turtle under the window. Then I decided to paint a tree (and actually build a 3D tree cabinet which will be in a future post) to make it feel like a real jungle! You can go as far as you want and depending on the theme, options can be endless! To finish off the room, I stenciled and painted “Always kiss me goodnight” above the door. It came together perfectly and was so simple! I get comments that I’m an awesome artist, but if they only knew. :)Here is the art that was painted in the nursery!



















    Donna says:

    Nicely done. I have a grandchildren’s room in my house where Dr. Seuss’ illustrations live on the walls. Eventually the walls will have to be painted over….but not quite yet. Nicholas will certainly be enjoying his room for some time to come.

    • Chrissy says:

      Thanks Donna! It is fun to look at and the kids enjoy the animals! I could think of a dozen ideas to make Dr. Seuss come alive in the room you’ve created! Very cute!

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