How to Create a Unique Sign for Any Space

Hi there! I’ve been a busy body at home doing “mom” things.. trying to keep a household of 8 together! I can’t wait until I have more time for my projects again, but this is my purpose right now. But I do have a past project to share that was created for the salon I work at, Colleen and Company.

My boss wanted to have better signage for the salon bathroom and I found this cute sign on Pinterest so I had to recreate it! Here’s what you need to create your own sign.


Oval Wood Plaque from craft store

C Hook

Minwax Weathered Oak Wood Stain

Varathane Weathered Gray Stain

Folk Art Antique Wax

Folk Art White Wax

Cheese cloth

Stencil Sticker

Plant Hook


First, screw a C hook into the top of the plaque so it will hang from the plant hook.

Now the fun part! It’s time to stain the wood plaque. Start with the Minwax Weathered Oak wood stain. Next, wipe the weathered gray Varathane stain on the plaque using a cheesecloth to add depth in the staining. You can stain it as light or as dark as you want it!

Add some small details with the Folk Art Antique Wax in random areas on the plaque to create an old distressed piece. I also used a little Folk Art White Wax to finish off the piece to break up the dark stains. Go with your gut while applying the stain and create your own details to your liking. There’s no wrong way. 🙂

I bought a restroom vinyl sticker from Etsy for a few dollars each. Vinyl stickers are very easy to apply and worth every penny especially since I don’t have great handwriting! Apply a sticker to each side of your sign if it’s going to be seen from both sides. Follow the directions that come with the vinyl. I had to read it a couple times before I understood it. 🙂

Using masking tape and a credit card you can easily apply it! Here’s how..

It sure was tricky getting the small vinyl letters off of the adhesive, but be patient! (Insert deep breath here)

Buy a decorative plant hook to hang your beautiful sign and proudly display it! I bought mine from Ebay and I love the extra flare it gives my sign.

I hung the new sign at work for clients to enjoy and also find the bathroom a little easier. My boss loves it too so it’s a win win for everyone.

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And here’s the finished product!


Thanks for visiting and enjoy the rest of the week!


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