Hang Your Paper Flowers for Decoration


I hope everyone had a fantastic Good Friday and is looking forward to Easter on Sunday. We had a blast going to visit the Easter Bunny tonight and it’s amazing how much the kids have grown from last year’s visit with Mr. Bunny! I wanted to post a quick idea about how to hang the paper flowers that you hopefully gave a try making on your own.

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If you haven’t seen my post about how to make paper flowers, make sure you check that out first! Now that you have your beautiful flowers, here’s one way I have used mine to decorate my daughter’s nursery. Hanging the flowers on the wall is a great way to bring color and dimension into a room. Try this if you want to put your paper flowers on the wall.

You will need:

  • Strong Round Magnets
  • Glue Gun or Glue
  • Paper Flower
  • Thumb Tack

When you have the flowers that you want to hang on the wall or another surface, you will need to glue a magnet on the back of the flower. Make sure you buy a thick round magnet that will be strong enough to support the weight of the flower when it hangs. I used a glue gun and it worked well for this since it dried quickly.


Decide where you want your flowers to be and put the brass thumb tack in place of where the flower will be. I put random thumb tacks across the wall to make a layout of paper flowers to adorn it. Once the thumb tacks are in, hang the flower with the magnet onto the thumb tack to hang! If the magnets are strong enough, it will hang on the thumb tacks, but not all magnets will work. The thicker the magnets are, the better!

Your flowers will now hang beautifully on the wall with little damage to the actual wall! You can switch them out, rearrange them, or remove them completely! They look so beautiful and unique in my daughter Violet’s nursery and she loves them too!

Happy Easter!



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