Entryway Transformation with Board & Batten


Board & Batten is a great way to transform a room, hallway or even a staircase! I have always wanted to install it in my home and add a little character, but I never had the right room to do it in! Thankfully, I have a great friend, (that’s you Nikki!), that lets me impose my crazy DIY ideas on her and try them in her home. Poor Nikki!

She has an older home where Board & Batten fits right in with the character of the home and adds that little something to the right room. The front entryway felt a little dark and lacked the welcoming vibe you want when you enter your home. Nikki wanted the first impression of her home to make a statement and was ready to put a new treatment on her walls to wow people as they walk into her home!

You will need a nail gun with safety glasses to fasten the boards to the wall and a saw to cut the boards to the size you need, unless you have them cut at the store. The amount of wood you need depends on the size of the room or wall you want to apply the Board & Batten too. You can buy MDF or pine boards to use for the treatment. I decided to go with 1 x 3 pine boards because they take paint well and were already cut in strips. Less work for me! The entry room has 2 separate sides with 2 doorways so that cut down how much wood I needed buy.

Here is what the entry way looked like before. We were so excited to get started, I forgot to take decent before pictures. Oops 🙂

Entryway Before

Entryway Before

The supplies I purchased were: (7) 1 x 3 x 6 pine boards, (4) 1 x 4 x 6 pine boards, (3) 1 x 2 x 4, some trim of your choice, 1 1/2″ nails for the nail gun, wood putty, and paint. Board & Batten can be put at different heights from a couple feet to 6 or 7 feet depending on what you like. For this entryway, more height was the way to go to make the room feel bigger.

Start by finding the studs on the wall and mark them so you can nail the boards into the studs for support. The studs for this project were 16″ apart. I started by cutting the 1 x 3’s to 4 feet since that was the height for the first set. Putting the first board in the corner stud allowed for a starting point. Set the board on top of the existing trim and make sure it’s straight with a level and then nail it on with 3 nails from top to bottom.

Move to the next board and measure 16″ from board to board. Make sure it is level and nail it on. Repeat to install the third board in the final corner. It’s important to make sure the spaces between boards is the same and since your space will measure differently, check the spacing beforehand.

Install pine boards with a nail gun

Install pine boards with a nail gun










This is what the first row of boards will look like on the wall. After the 1 x 3 boards are installed, you can move onto cutting the board that will go across the first row horizontally. You have a choice to put a board across the top (1×4 rail) and call it finished, but I like the idea of having a square treatment near the top of the Board & Batten. There are many different styles so go with the one you like! Be creative with it!

Now cut the 1 x 4 to the width of the wall so the rail board will sit across the top of the (3) 1 x 3 vertical batten boards. Make sure the board is level and nail it into place. Continue the horizontal rail board across any vertical batten boards you have so it wraps around your entire room or wall.

To make the boxes on top of the horizontal 1 x 4, you will need to cut small pieces of 1 x 3 to attach above the 1 x 4. I cut (6) 3″ long 1 x 3’s to attach vertically above the horizontal rail board. They should line up directly above the other vertical batten boards to give the appearance that they are continuing up the wall in one piece. Once the 3″ boards are on the wall, you can finish with another 1 x 4 rail board that measures the entire width of the wall. Nail it in above the small vertical boards. It should look like this.. Is it starting to come together? This is when I get excited to see it finished!

Attach 3" boards between 2 1x4 boards

Attach 3″ long boards between 2 1×4 boards to make small rectangles

This next part is optional. I really like the look of a small ledge on top with a nice trim piece to blend it together with the Board & Batten and give it a finished look. I decided to take a 1 x 2 and cut it to the width of the wall so it would sit on top of the horizontal 1 x 4 boards as a top rail. It’s super easy to attach it with a couple nails by nailing down into the top of the 1 x 2 board and voila, you have a small ledge for cute frames or decor! If it needs to go around to other walls, you will need to cut 45 degree angles to allow the boards to make the corner of the wall.

Top Shelf 1x2, Rail 1x4, Batten 1x3To make the boards blend together, cut the width from one corner to the other with the trim you purchased which come in many styles depending on how fancy you want it to look. I chose a simple L shaped trim, that I can’t seem to find the name of, to fit the seam underneath the 1 x 2 and butt up to the 1 x 4. It simply nails in at a 90 degree angle. You will need to cut the same 45 degree angle to make the corners. Once you are finished nailing on boards, fill the nail holes with wood putty to make a smooth finish. Sand if necessary.

If everything is looking good, you are ready to paint!! I love a crisp white Board & Batten wall treatment and Nikki chose a very pretty gray for the wall color. I suggest you buy a paint with primer to cover the wall and boards properly. After 2 coats of paint, it was looking fabulous!!

Paint over the pine boards and the wall with the same color.

Paint over the pine boards and the wall with the same color.



Then the gray was painted over the purplish blue color that Nikki was not in love with and the new entryway was born! Love at first sight! Nikki bought some beautiful oil-rubbed bronze hooks at Home Depot to hang coats on. It all came together perfectly and their whole family loves it which is why I am a DIYer! If it changes the way you feel everyday when you see it, it was worth the work! And this is the finished product..







Oil-rubbed bronze hooks from Home Depot

Oil-rubbed bronze hooks from Home Depot


The entryway is now welcoming and it makes a statement as soon as you walk through the door! I highly suggest using board & batten somewhere in your home. Thanks for visiting!



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