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Terrariums are so beautiful and natural. Another plus is that my cat won’t eat it! I love plants, but my cat kills them in no time flat! What a bummer! Terrariums allow the beauty without the chewing (lol) and they are easy to care for.

I was at Becker Furniture and unexpectedly ran into some beautiful hanging terrarium globes. They were only $3 and $6 and the biggest globe even had a rope to hang from. They were totally my style so I bought 3 of them in different sizes. Other places that sell great looking terrariums are Home Depot, Home Goods, and Target!

Now that I have the globes, I have to get the supplies and succulents to put in them. Here’s what you need to make your terrarium!

Globe/Glass container

Cactus Soil



Small rocks

Optional- Sand

Sphagnum Moss

Small decoration

Things to hang globe like twine and hooks


This is a great project to do with the kids! My kids loved putting in a helping hand. So here we go with little fingers and all!

Start by putting down a layer of rocks. They help the water drain the soil so the extra water doesn’t sit and over water the plants.


Add a layer of charcoal because it freshens the air that’s in the terrarium. I got the container of charcoal at the pet store because they use it for aquariums frequently. Check out the pet store to find it! 🙂

Next is the cactus soil… The soil can be found at any garden store right next to the regular soil. Put a layer of cactus soil on top of the charcoal. Make sure there’s enough for the roots to grow and find their new home in. The challenge with the globes are the small space everything has to fit in. I’m not going to lie, it was a challenge!


Make a plan of where your plants will go. It helps to vary them in height to add dimension. Once you decide where you’re going to put them, take off the excess dirt off the bottoms of the plants until there’s minimal roots left. There’s not a ton of space for those roots! Plant them in their place and cover them with soil. Pat down the soil so they are secured in their spot.

If you want to add a layer of light sand, now is the time to do that. I added sand to my globes because I liked the way it looked near the top of the plants. I also added a few small rocks to hold down the moss.


The finishing touch is the decorations. I got the cutest mini statues at the pet store that are small enough to fit in the globes and have an Asian feel to them. You can decorate with stones, statues, big rocks or just leave it how it is!

Two of my globes didn’t have strings attached to them to hang them from the ceiling so I had some twine from Menards that I used to tie them up. The twine really brings in the texture I was looking for along with the succulents themselves.

I hung the globes unevenly in the kitchen window and they’re beautiful! They catch the light and the glass sparkles, I swear.

Here’s the finished globe! Repeat to make the rest and try not to get too many pokes from those darn cactus’ like I did!



Hanging Globe Terrarium


Water them weekly once the roots are established because they are drought tolerant when they set their roots in the soil. Make sure to read the directions depending on what succulents you buy.

I also made a terrarium for my mother in law for her birthday and it turned out so pretty! I bought the terrarium at Target and the geometric container wasn’t water proof so I took care of that! I bought some clear silicone to seal the cracks and ta-da, waterproof! Follow the same steps as the globes and believe me it’s a lot easier putting the plants in the bigger container!


Geometric Terrarium



She loves it! Happy birthday Wendy!!

Have fun making your terrariums and post pictures if you do because it’s amazing to see how they turn out and all the neat things you can use for containers. My next succulents project will be succulents in a colander! So cute!

Here are some terrariums online that I found similar to the ones I found at Becker Furniture.

Hanging Globe Terrarium – Target

Geometric Terrarium– Target

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