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We just got back from Cancun, Mexico where we renewed our vows for our 10 year wedding anniversary! It was so beautiful and I still can’t believe how blue the water is! We stayed at Beach Palace which offers complimentary wedding packages with the room so we saved lots of money staying there. Included in the wedding package was 20 roses for the bridal bouquet and a boutineere. My dress is ivory so I picked ivory roses to compliment my dress of course! The colors of the wedding were coral and turquoise because I love the 2 together and the coral would look fantastic in front of the ocean.

I figured an inexpensive way to use the complimentary ivory roses, but make a colorful bouquet would be to add flowers to make it my own! Silk flowers are very beautiful and look great mixed in with real flowers! You can order them online or in a craft store depending on how specific you are about the flowers. The other supplies needed to finish the bouquet is floral tape, jewelry wire, satin ribbon, and pearl pins to hold the bouquet together.

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I just happened to have silk coral calla lillies in my master bedroom vases that I could use in the wedding bouquet. I chose 3 to bring with me to Mexico. I also bought some foam plumerias online in coral and pinks because I love that flower! My daughter even got one for her hair! They originally came with yellow centers so I used coral acrylic paint to match it with our colors.


I wanted to add some turquoise bling by putting in some brooches in different sizes including a starfish to celebrate the beach wedding! Love it! So I prepared all of my supplies to be ready to put into the bouquet, but I wasn’t sure how it would piece together until I saw the roses once they were delivered.


All of the silk and foam flowers had to be prepped before they could be put in the bouquet. The plumerias had small stems so I wrapped the stem with a thick jewelry wire and left a 6″ tail to stick into the bouquet. Then wrap floral tape around the stem and wire to hold them together and create a thick stem.

It’s super simple to add a brooch to a bouquet! Take thick jewelry wire and thread it through the holes of the brooch and back down to create a double wire. Wrap the whole wire in floral tape to hold it together. Now it’s ready to stick into a beautiful bouquet.


IMG_6746IMG_6749Everything was ready to make the trip to Mexico! The day before the wedding, the ivory roses were delivered to the room so I could put together the bouquet. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the construction because I needed all the hands I had to make it happen! Here are the beautiful roses before I added my own…

I was hoping that I could use the bigger brooches I bought, but there wasn’t enough roses to balance out the size of them. Of course the starfish fit perfectly in the bouquet! I spread around the calla lillies and then added the starfish and plumerias where they looked best. When everything was where I wanted it, I wrapped the stems with floral tape to secure it. Deal of the Day

To create a finished bouquet, wrap a 1 1/2-2 inch satin ribbon around the stems and secure them with pearl pins in a row from top to bottom. It really dresses up the bouquet! The turquoise satin ribbon brings in just enough color to make the splash I was looking for.

If I had more roses to add the bouquet, that would have been great! But being that I was in a different country with no access to flowers, I was happy with what I put together! It had color, matched the girls dresses, and looked pretty together. Success!! Maybe next time I will have to try my hand at a complete brooch bouquet. Those are beautiful and last forever!

Here are some pictures of the wedding! I promise they will take you straight to paradise!


DSC_0175 (2)DSC_04552DSC_02522DSC_0277DSC_0125 (2)



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    Cristina @ Remodelando la Casa says:

    Hi Chrissy, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comment! I couldn’t reply to it, since you’re a no-reply – that keeps on happening to me too I keep on changing that setting on Google but it always goes back to non-reply. Anyways, I’m looking forward to see your kitchen reno projects. As you know, it’s lots of work but in the end you’re gonna be really happy!
    You look gorgeous here, your wedding pictures are so dreamy, and your kids adorable!

    • Chrissy says:

      Thanks so much Cristina! I’ve been visiting your kitchen often as I start my project! I’m trying to incorporate a plate shelf like yours in a cabinet, but need to decide where to put it! Thanks for your inspiration!

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