DIY Stick Figure Costume



We’re a month away from Halloween and it’s time to start planning the costumes! Last year my boy wanted to be a stick figure and I saw a costume at Target that was what we were looking for, but didn’t have great reviews. There were more expensive options that could be bought as a kit with LED lights, but they were around $70! So I decided to make my own.. strange. šŸ™‚

It’s super easy to make and the only downfall is it has to be put together right before you walk out the door to ensure the brightness of the sticks. Here’s the supplies you will need..


Black Hooded Sweatshirt and Pants

Black Face Paint

Clear Packing Tape

Necklace Glow Sticks

Black Gloves

Ready to be blown away with how easy this is, but how great it looks? My son, Nicholas, got compliments on every street we walked and it was awesome walking next to a stick figure all night!

Once you’re ready for trick or treating, have your child get into the black hooded sweatshirt with the hood up and the black pants on. Paint the face all black to make it blend with the outfit. Black gloves will help cover the skin and hide them in the dark.


Snap all of the glow sticks that you want to use for the costume. Depending on how big your child is will determine how many glow sticks you will need.

Tape necklace glow sticks onto the pants once they are connected. They will be rounded on the pants, up one leg and down the other. Use the packing tape every 4 inches or so and also on the connection points to make sure they don’t disconnect or pull off the fabric.


The glow sticks will follow along the zipper for the body if it’s going to be for a male. If it’s for a female, use a triangle for the body. Attach the arms next and make sure they meet by the neck so it looks connected in the dark. Tape, tape, tape!!



The hoodie has to stay up to hold the head. The glow sticks need to go around the outside edge of the hoodie so the light isn’t blocked by the hood itself. Tape it on the edge with plenty of tape to hold it in place.


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It’s really as simple as that. All the pieces should be connected and light up. It looks pretty silly in the light, but once you’re in the dark it’s amazing!! It’s even more amazing watching it walk like an actual stick figure. It may not be as bright as the LED version, but it was a lot cheaper and super easy to do.




I apologize for the poor pictures of scrambling to get the costume on and get out trick or treating! We were running behind and had to put the costume together in a flash to not miss out on all the candy!


Everyone loved it and it was a huge hit in the neighborhood! It may not be perfect, but it still looks great so I highly recommend trying it. Happy Halloween!

P.S. Check out the Target Ad from Sunday 9/26 because my daughter Mila is the Star Wars girl!





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