DIY Faux Shiplap

Farmhouse Bathroom

I have been wanting to add shiplap in my home ever since seeing the show Fixer Upper and everyone knows my love for Joanna Gaines. Unfortunately for me, my house doesn’t have shiplap behind the walls like the old houses in Waco. So I have to create my own shiplap to create the texture I’m looking for on my walls!

For my bathroom remodel, I decided to use the faux shiplap technique to elongate the walls and make the bathroom feel bigger. The rustic farmhouse chic is exactly what I want for my new bathroom makeover.

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The planked wood for the walls needed to be about 1/4″ thick and wider, about 5 3/4″ was what I figured out, to get the look I want. If the planks are cut too skinny, it gives a different appearance to the wall so it’s very important to pick the right width for the planks. Plywood was a great option for a thin piece of wood that would hold its form and also paintable. So off to Home Depot I went to get my supplies and here’s what you need to recreate this look..


3 Plywood Sheets 1/4″ thick, 4×8 (Cut in 5 3/4″ wide strips)

Tape Measure


Nail Gun

Nails 1″- 1 1/2″

White Silicone and Holder


Paint- Muslin White

Sanding block

Stud Finder



It took 3 sheets of plywood to cover all of the walls of the bathroom from top to bottom. Start by cutting the sheets up into 5 3/4″ strips. Home Depot was nice enough to cut up my sheets which saved a ton of time! Depending on your space, you will have to cut down the wood to the right length so it will fit on your wall. There will be lots of little pieces to fit in by the door and around the cabinet.

Now would be the time to prime your boards if you want to get all of the edges covered before you install them onto the wall. I didn’t do it that way because I didn’t have a great spot to paint them, but it probably would have been easier!

Look for studs before you start to nail the boards into the wall. My kiddos loved to help with this part!


Start by installing the boards at the bottom of the wall so take the first board and hold it on the wall. Use a level to make sure it’s straight and then use your nail gun to attach nails into the studs. The next board will go above that board, but this is where the nickels come in for spacers. My kids helped me hold the nickels and hand them over when I didn’t have enough hands. Sometimes the nickels would disappear, hmm… 🙂



Put the next board above the first and use the nickels to make a space between the two. The nickels will create a consistent space as you move up the wall. Attach the board again with the nail gun and continue this pattern up the wall.







Once you get to the top of the wall, cut a long piece that will fit in the space left over. It’s a pretty quick process once you get going! Continue the boards on the other walls, making cuts along the way around the vanity, shower, and door.




The electrical outlets will be an issue because the outlet will not extend far enough out to lay flat on top of the plywood so outlet extenders need to be added on the inside and attach to the new wall. I will put up a tutorial of how to install outlet extenders at another time!

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The walls should be covered in shiplap at this point!! But you’re not finished yet! Take your sandpaper and sand the corners to get rid of the rough edges where cuts were made.


Apply 2 coats of paint to the shiplap in whatever color you choose. I went with a crisp and creamy white called Muslin White. The plywood soaks the paint more than a typical wall so make sure to cover the wood completely. My daughter helped cover the nail holes with a little extra paint!



Take some white silicone and apply it to all corners where the plywood connects. It makes the shiplap line up and look seamless. The silicone also needs to be applied where the wood and tiles meet near the shower and the sink. This will hopefully protect the wood from getting wet from water around the area.

Now you can add your mirror, lights, shelves, and hooks! It’s beautiful isn’t it?! I love the rustic texture to shiplap and it’s so unique and farmhouse chic in my opinion. It’s also removable if it’s not working for you, but of course there will be lots of nail holes! Here’s the bathroom reveal if you haven’t seen it!


Farmhouse Bathroom

Shiplap Farmhouse Bath

Shiplap White Farmhouse Bathroom

Get to it already! You need some shiplap on your walls, trust me!


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    Hello Chrissy, amazing job on the bathroom! Quick question, is your Kensington tilt mirror a regular or large size? Keep up the good work!

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