DIY Blanket Ladder

I had a special request from my sister to build her a blanket ladder for her new apartment. I know, you’re probably thinking “what is a blanket ladder”? It’s an actual ladder that holds blankets! Who knew we needed such a thing. She gave me some ideas of what she wanted and I took it from there.


2 2x2x6 boards

1 1x2x6 board

1 1/2 nails

Tape measure


Miter Saw


Gray Wood Stain

Dark Walnut Stain

Cheese Cloth

Start by cutting the 2×2 boards to 77″ long. Cut the 1×2 board into 15″ pieces which will be the middle slats. There will be 4 cross boards to complete the ladder.

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Sand all the pieces down with 80 grit sandpaper just to clean the edges a bit, Don’t want to ruin the blankets with a snag! After it’s sanded, you’re ready to pre-drill the 15″ pieces.

Drill the holes in the ends of the boards on each side. This helps save the board from breaking once the screw goes through.

Measure and mark where the slats will go on the 2×2 boards. Starting at the top of the board, measure down 11″ from the top on each board. The next mark will be at 27″ from the top. Next, mark a spot on each board from 44.5″ from the top. The last mark will be at 60″ from the top. Both boards should now be marked for the 4 slats to go across.

Take your screws and drill them into the side of the 2×2’s at the marks you made.

Start with one side, but don’t screw it all the way through. Once all 4 screws are in, you can start screwing on the slats. I put the slats at an angle to add a little bit of cuteness to the ladder. Now you can screw the other 2×2 onto the other side to complete the ladder.

The ladder is fully assembled and ready for staining. Start by rubbing the gray stain all over the ladder with a cheese cloth. The idea is to not have a super dark gray, but more of a lightly rubbed gray.

Once it is completely stained, take the dark walnut stain and using the cheese cloth, lightly wipe small amounts of stain over the gray working in small areas. The walnut will only show streaks at this point, but then you want to rub it in to blend it with the gray.

The effect is amazing! It’s rustic with depth and looks like aged wood, but we know the truth! 🙂 And this is the finished ladder!




DIY Blanket Ladder




Here’s the blanket hanging on the new ladder. It’s from Target line Project 62.

Display your beautiful blankets or go buy some if you don’t have cute ones! Be creative with the top level. Don’t let it go to waste..  I hope you enjoy your new ladder!

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