Decorate Cupcakes for a Going Away Party



Hey there! The kids went back to school today which is such a bittersweet time because I have more quiet time with my little one, but I also miss exploring the world with the big kids! Of course Violet and I are great at starting new home projects together and raiding Home Depot (she could care less either way)! We already visited there today for some wood and stain for my next big project, the kitchen! Can’t get ahead of myself because I have a few odds and ends I have to finish first.

Back in August, I threw a going away party for my sister as she was going to be moving to Seattle from Minnesota for grad school. I wanted to give her a good send off! I didn’t have time to make my own cupcakes or cake like I normally would so I tried to do something crafty to put on cupcakes that I bought.

Home is where the heart is and my sister’s heart is in St. Paul, Minnesota, but who knows, Seattle might hold her heart in the future! So I decided to print out maps of St. Paul and Seattle and then cut out hearts around them to decorate the cupcakes. Here’s how to put everything together.

Print out your maps in whatever quantity you need and also print out a template of hearts if you want them to be perfect, otherwise you can free hand them. Trace the hearts around the city and cut out the hearts to leave your heart on the map!




Take a toothpick and tape it onto the back of the heart so it sticks into the cupcake with the heart on top! I think it’s really cute and it was easy to do.


I was limited on time and didn’t go crazy with the idea, but it was still sweet and with the pop of color in the frosting, they look good! And they taste amazing so thank you to Sam’s Club for the yummy cupcakes!



I would’ve loved to have served the food out of some decorative suitcases, but I didn’t have anything other than an actual suitcase! Those are not pretty!

Hopefully your going away party is a smash and my cupcakes inspire you to create something beautiful and crafty.

Take advantage of the times to create because it makes the moment great! Hey now, Dr. Seuss inspired! Home is where the heart is!



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