Customize your Frames to Fit your Style



I’ve been keeping myself busy with little projects around the house including the train shelf! Hopefully I will have an update for that soon, but I’m still working on finishing a bridge for it.

Recently I was asked to help a friend put together a frame collage for her home that included their last name initial H. Of course I was going to help! She had seem something on Pinterest with frames that had clips to hold pictures along with the frame to hold the last name initial. So I got to work to purchase ready made frames and customize them the way she wanted.

What you will need..

  • 3  8×10 Wall Frames or Square Frames
  • Cork
  • Burlap Ribbon or Paper
  • Glue gun
  • 2 Clips
  • 2 Thumb Tacks
  • Scissors
  • Wood Letter

Go to the store and buy any 3 8×10 wall frames that you like or even square frames work. Take the glass out and cut the cork to fit the opening of the frames. Cut the burlap to fit over the cork and glue it on. Once it is dry, put the cork with the burlap on it back into the frame and put the backing back onto the frame.

IMG_4744 IMG_4746





Take your wood letter and glue in into the center of one of the frames, attaching it to the burlap covered cork. The other two frames will have a clip attached to the front to hang a picture from.


Choose a spot on each frame where you want your picture to hang and attach the clip by using a thumb tack through the hole of the clip. This will hold it in place. Now it will hang whatever picture you choose plus it can be easily changed!


The pictures are ready to hang! You can hang them vertically, horizontally, diagonally or in a collage! My house is full of pictures and I hope this helps you create a special wall with pictures you love!


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