Custom Built Playhouse Part 3

It’s officially summer! How great it feels to have the sun back in my life (I live in Minnesota)! I hope everyone is getting out and enjoying the great weather. We are having a blast!

Is anyone out building a new playhouse? If not, you better get started! We’re moving onto Part 3 of the custom built playhouse so you should start building, ASAP!

In Part 2, we finished putting up the plywood on the walls and the roof. The dormer was framed in and the slide was attached! So we move on to the roof, siding, porch, and some inside details. We will see how much we get to!

Once the dormer is framed in, the plywood can be cut and attached to the boards. The small window needs to be framed out before it can be screwed in place and plywood attached around it. Metal sheeting needs to go in the creases to protect from water buildup and helps drainage off the roof.

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We used some left over shingles from another person’s roofing project for the house so it actually is shingles! We layered 3 tab shingles up the roof, as pictured below, until we reached the top. Super simple!


Finish attaching the shingles and then move on to the siding. 2 x 4’s were used as trim pieces on the corners of the house. That way the siding would have a place to meet without creating issues with angles. Cut the boards to the height of the walls and make sure they overlap in the corners to make a 90 degree angle. Now the siding is ready to go in between the trim boards.

The siding was created with 1 x 4’s planked on top of each other. Each one lay on top of the next to create the effect of siding on an actual house! Start at the bottom of the house and work your way to the top. Attach each board with a nail gun and make sure they are straight otherwise you will have to start from the beginning! Here’s how it progresses up the wall..

Continue the siding around the whole house and then prime and paint the wood to seal it.DSC_0203

I always get ahead of myself because I get so excited to see the finished project! I started painting the siding with an exterior paint before all of the siding was up!

Now on to the banisters for the porch! I wanted a small sized railing to fit the size of the home. A man was selling some left over banisters from his project so I bought them for super cheap. I had to cut down each side of the banister so it would keep the great detail, but be pint size like I wanted. Once they were cut down to size, I used some 2 x 2 and wood railing with screws to attach them and create the banister for the porch. I screwed them into the porch 4 x 4’s to block off each side. It fit perfect!


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Prime and paint them and the porch is finished! The kids love the look!



Make sure every area of the house is covered with siding. I hung 2 windows from hinges for the front of the house so they could swing open. I also used latches to hold the windows open!

Finish painting all the siding and trim and the house will almost be finished! The door was created from an existing closet door that I cut down to fit a small door frame.. how cute is it?! The rest of the door was used to make a table for the little kitchen area.


Here’s the door after a coat of paint!


The inside includes a ladder to the second floor and slide area. We used 1×1’s from the floor to the ceiling and screwed them in to create a railing for the loft. We don’t want any children tumbling over!



This is what the ladder looks like, made out of 2×4’s and improvised to the height of the floor.. We added notches at the top so it sits on the second floor and is securely screwed into the floor.

Here’s a look at the inside of the playhouse with the table that was made out of the closet door and the ladder.

playhouse inside

The kids celebrating their new house! A little blurry, but they were so excited that they had to go in once it was getting dark!


The house is finished and ready to be played in! Our kids love it and it will have special meaning to our family as long as we are around! What a great thing to build on our own and have family help us put it together. I will cherish it forever! Here’s a look at the whole playhouse…




Custom Built Playhouse

I need to get a few more pictures of the inside, but I’ll update when I get them! I hope you all enjoyed the making of our playhouse! You can do anything you put your mind to!


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