Custom Built Playhouse Part 2

Welcome to Summer! School’s out for summer and the kiddos are home which takes up most of my time. I feel like it takes a whole team to keep these kids busy! Having a full size playhouse around is definitely a plus!

If you’ve missed Part 1, check it out here!

So let’s move on to Part 2 of the custom built playhouse tutorial while the kids are sleeping. 🙂 We finished Part 1 with most of the framing up so we’ll continue from there.

The roof framing goes up next to create the peak of the loft area and the entrance room.




You can see on the right side of the picture where the short rafters go across above the porch to create the little crawl space and then they continue in the back of the picture to create the second floor. Once the framing is up for the roof, framing for the window can go on the big wall in the main entrance room. This window was a craigslist find from a guy getting rid of it dirt cheap. I love how unique the window is and it’s a great focal point for the wall.


We also added framing around the slide entry that’s on the opposite wall. That way the kids can exit the 2nd floor by going down the slide!

You will need plywood for the walls. This part is so exciting as it all comes together! I believe we used 1/2″ thick plywood sheets to cover all the walls. A nail gun works great to attach them to the 2×4’s as long as the nails are long enough and hitting the studs. Leave a hole for the slide to attach and also a hole in the roof where the dormer will be built out. Cover all the plywood with tar paper to keep moisture out. Use a simple staple gun to attach it to the walls. This is what it looks like as the plywood goes up and tar paper goes on! (Ignore the railing for now and I will explain how I did it later!)




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The walls should be enclosed by the time you’re done! Once the plywood was attached, we put up the slide by screwing it into the opening on the second floor. This is what it looks like from the inside.


We didn’t even have the dormer framed in yet, but we couldn’t help ourselves! We were so excited to put up the slide because it hadn’t been used since I was a kid on my old playset. I felt the same way about putting up the banisters for the porch because it is such a cute part of the house! Be patient, I will get to that too!

The framing for the dormer can start after all the walls and roof are covered with plywood and tar paper. I added the dormer to the design once I got an idea of how the roof would look. It really adds the dimension I was looking for and the kids love looking out the window from the second floor before they head down the slide! Here’s the dormer framed out..


The playhouse is looking like an actual house now! In the next playhouse post, I will show how I made the porch banisters and the siding along with finishing the dormer. It’s a long process to build a small house!

Check back soon and make sure to enjoy this weather.  🙂


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