Custom Built Playhouse Part 1

I have been waiting to share my custom built playhouse for the right time and the right time is now! Believe it or not, the playhouse was one of my first projects of this size. Most of my projects before this were on a small scale and so this was a huge leap of faith.

Custom playhouses in this size are $4,000 +++! We built it for around $1,000 using our thrifty skills and finding cheap lumber. Building it yourself will save labor costs and give you a sense of accomplishment every time your kids enjoy it! If ours wasn’t so darn big, I would keep it in the family forever!

At the time, I didn’t document measurements and only went off a sketch I drew out for the footprint of the playhouse. I knew there had to be a small porch, a bump out for a built in seat, a dormer, and a second story in half of the playhouse. I had never built a structure or designed anything like it before, but we jumped in with both feet! Thankfully we had lots of help from our dad’s. Whenever they stopped over to visit we handed them a hammer. 🙂

Before you start building, check your building codes for your yard. The code stated that the height had to be under 12 feet tall and less than 12×12 wide. Ours measures 12 feet wide and 10 feet deep.

Here is a the building process in steps!

We leveled the ground and built the base for the playhouse. Most of the floor was covered with green treated lumber except the porch floor was built with a cedar lumber.



The framing comes next! We framed in 2 windows on the porch, 1 on the back and a bigger one in the bump out next to the porch.


The windows were bought on craigslist from someone that didn’t have the sashes so I got them for a steal! We screwed them directly into the framing.





Once the framing was up for the first floor, we added the 4×4 posts on the porch. Each one needs to be secured before the second floor framing starts. Then the framing for the floor can lay across the posts to start the second floor.


Now we added beams across the side over the bump out where the loft area would be. So if you can picture the inside, when you walk in from the porch, the side you walk in will be open to the ceiling and the right side will be the loft that will also continue over the porch.


The kids were excited to use their new porch before we even finished framing! I was too so I can’t blame them! Now the beams for the roof start to take shape and allow for the loft area to be framed.


Hopefully this is making sense! The boards for the upstairs are secured and the slanted roof starts taking shape. Here’s Nicholas enjoying his first time on the second floor once we laid some plywood down!!



I think this is a good stopping point! There’s a lot of framing finished and a bit more framing to go then it’s onto the walls.. I hope you get some great ideas for your own playhouse as we work through the building process. Check back soon for Part 2 of the playhouse build!

Any questions? Comment below! Have a great day!


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    Pilar says:

    Hi! I really like your play house and is just what I was looking for. Can you tell me the measure from the floor to the higher part of the house?

    Pilar from Chile

    • Chrissy says:

      Thanks Pilar! Do you mean from the ground to the peak? That’s 12 feet.. If you’re asking about the inside from the floor to the peak, I will have to measure that and get back to you!

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