Corkboard Design Ideas

Hi everyone! I wanted to share a quick project using corkboards! A friend of mine wanted a way to display special items in her daughter’s nursery. Instead of using a shadow box or keeping them tucked away, we wanted them on the wall for everyone to see these meaningful pieces. Why not use a plain old framed corkboard and make it look spectacular while switching out the items displayed as often as you’d like?!

Here’s what you need to replicate this project…

A framed corkboard

1/2 yard of burlap or fabric of your choice

Push pins

Special items to display

I found a beautiful, framed corkboard at Hobby Lobby which was perfect for this project. The fabric was also from Hobby Lobby and didn’t resemble the typical burlap you’d find because it has a shiny sheen that added elegance. It had enough texture and the beauty I was looking for. Fabric choice can be a make or break moment. Just sayin’. 🙂


I was a bad blogger and didn’t take pictures of the burlap being wrapped around the corkboard, but it’s really simple. Start by removing the corkboard from the frame and then wrap the burlap or other material you’ve chosen around the corkboard tightly. Make sure you keep it snug as you put the corkboard back in the frame! Easier said than done sometimes, but trust me you’ll get it after a few tries. Haha!!

Now you can add your personal items with push pins to secure them to the board. The nice thing about the framed corkboard, is you can change the fabric or items out anytime you wish and I believe it looks nicer than a shadow box.

And here is the finished product!

Corkboard Decor


There are lots of great things you can do with a corkboard and fabric. Check out these other fun ideas to try next.



The Lily Pad Cottage painted and decorated framed corkboards and they are gorgeous for a girls room! Check out their tutorial!


Elk Lighting Sale

Add beautiful fabric to a framed or unframed corkboard and then hang jewelry on pretty pins instead of hiding them away in a jewelry box.

There are so many more corkboard ideas out there and I already have another one in mind. So until next time and hopefully sooner than later, I will be back with another Mommy’s Tool Belt project!



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