Chalk Paint and Old Dresser = Perfect Match

Ribbet collage dresser

I am happy to say I have finally finished my daughter’s new dresser! It is a 5 drawer chest/dresser that was given to us by my father in law, so thanks to him! It was also a sad moment because we had to get rid of the changing table which could be an end of a chapter. 🙁 On a positive note, the new dresser looks awesome and both daughter’s love it! It was easy peasy to do and now I will share it with you! Wow, I have read too many Dr. Seuss books…

The most important thing you need to make this project work, is an awesomely outdated dresser. Check thrift stores because there are an abundance of them for pretty inexpensive prices. Make sure the drawers work and look for details that will make the piece shine when it’s finished.

The nice thing about chalk paint is it will stick to anything so there’s no sanding (I hate sanding) and it distresses nicely with sand paper. My favorite chalk paint is made by Folk Art and is sold at Joann Fabrics. The cost of the small bottle of yellow chalk paint to refinish the dresser was $7.99 and I got 40% off with a coupon. It covered the whole dresser!

Once you find the dresser and pick out the chalk paint, remove all of the hardware and clean it before painting. Chalk paint can be applied with a paint brush and usually requires a couple of coats depending on what style you’re going for. I don’t apply it heavily so it doesn’t have a solid feel to it. Apply it however you like!

IMG_7199 IMG_7220IMG_7202IMG_7221

If you plan on distressing the dresser, take some sand paper and go along the edges of the drawers and top and bottom of the dresser where distressing normally occurs. If there’s any scratches or details that you want to accentuate, sand that area. Some people make marks in the wood using a knife or tool, but I haven’t attempted it because I know I would screw it up!!!


I went looking at Hobby Lobby for new handles or knobs. The old ones were so drab and I thought about spray painting them in oil rubbed bronze, but it wouldn’t have done enough to update them. The knobs I chose for the bottom drawers covered the old holes and all I needed to do was create a new hole with my drill and a drill bit fit to the screw. The new knobs looked perfect for the look I was going for!


The 2 top drawers I wanted different handles or knobs and I came across these pulls with scrolls on them. I’m not sure what they’re made of, but they are very heavy!! 4 of those drilled in to cover the existing holes was all I needed. $25 later and I had all the hardware I needed. Getting new hardware for a dresser is the easiest way to update it!

The dresser is finished! Put your drawers back in and the dresser is ready to use. Chalk paint doesn’t need any other layers unless you want to finish it off with a wax. Completely up to you! I like the matte look of chalk paint. Here’s the finished dresser!



Love the yellow!!


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