Boring Wall Transformed into a Beautiful Statement Piece

Hi there! Wow, it’s been awhile. Time has flown by and I haven’t had much time to blog lately and I sure do miss it.

I have a previous project that I’m so excited to share! It all starts with a boring wall that needed to make a statement when clients walk past it at the salon I massage at. Wall moulding and stencils are the answer!

Let’s start with what you need to install wall moulding. Here’s what you need..

Wall Trim

Nail Gun

Miter Saw

Measuring Tape

Decide what size the frames you want on the wall. The frames I created are tall to make the space feel bigger. Use height in your frames if you want the space to feel bigger or you can use smaller frames to break up the wall and keep a classic style. Think of an older dining room in a mansion. There would be chair rails and wall moulding on the lower half of the wall in a lot of the them.

My frames measure 1 ft from the ceiling and 1 ft from the floor and then they were centered on the wall evenly. The width of my frames are 33″ and  they are 71″ tall.

To assemble the frames, start by measuring your pieces to the length necessary and cut your corners with a miter saw.

Using a nail gun, nail together the edges to make the frame. Be careful because if you’re like me you will accidentally nail the frame to a random wall you’re using for support. 🙂

Attach the frames to the wall using the nail gun again and make sure you use your handy dandy level!

Here’s the fun part! I painted the new wall moulding the same color as the floor trim. I wanted to frame out an accent wall so here comes the accent!

You will need a stencil from Royal Stencils and some stenciling creme to create the look. I purchased the smoked oyster creme along with a stenciling brush to apply it and the Chez Sheik stencil.

A necessary step to take when using the creme is to use a paper towel to control how much is on your brush. If you have too much on the brush, it can seep under the stencil. Always wipe off the excess before applying the creme on the wall.

The stencil will come with directions on how to line up edges along with how to clean it off when you’re using it. Make sure to read it all! You can use painters tape to keep the stencil in place as you move along the wall.

Since I was stenciling only the inside of the framing, it was a little tricky to get into corners and of course I had oopsies on the framing, but they’re easy fixes so don’t stress! Use your brush to apply the creme to the wall using the stencil.

Work your way around the framing and finish with the edges. Sometimes smaller paint brushes can help for the little intricate areas.

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Once the edges are finished, you are done! The finished product is exactly what I had hoped for and the Royal Stencil worked perfectly!

Here’s the after!




It was an inexpensive face lift for the plain jane wall! The clients that walk by it love it too which makes it more exciting! I can’t wait to update the rest of the salon.. Keep an eye out for those.

Happy Summer!



    Shelly Mathes says:

    Hi Chrissy, this wall looks great, perfect stencil. I bet I could do this if I tried real hard, ha! Very nice indeed. No longer a blank wall. Thank you.

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