Bathroom Reveal

It’s time to reveal the new bathroom! Aren’t you all excited!!??? One of my favorite times in the process, as I have said before, is the reveal. This is what every designer and diy’er waits for… to show off their work that they’ve been busting their butts on!

The bathroom before had blonde stained oak builder grade cabinets with the awesome no frame mirror that they put in every house. Can we say no character?! There was the typical vanity light and chrome faucet which I’m not a fan of. This is how it was right when we moved in..

DSC_0031 (2)

I’ve been wanting to try the shiplap look somewhere in the house and the bathroom seemed to be a good place to put it. The look of light and dark always suits me so I decided on a creamy white wall with dark accents. I also wanted to mix finishes like satin nickel and oil rubbed bronze instead of doing the oil rubbed finish everywhere which would usually be a no brainer for me.

So here is the after!!


What do you think? Love it or hate it?! Here’s how it went down!

First, the husband moved the lighting from the vanity light down the wall so I could put up sconces instead of the typical vanity light. We patched up the wall and then added the shiplap.

I will provide a tutorial of how I put up the shiplap in another post. I got lucky because the Home Depot guy helped me cut plywood into strips and took off a lot of cutting time for me! I put up the planked wood around the whole bathroom and primed and painted it Muslin White. I wasn’t completely sold on going white, but I figured I could change it to a soft sage if I wasn’t in love with it.


I made the towel hanger with a piece of pallet and random knobs from Hobby Lobby. The tutorial on how to make it is here.

The shower curtain and rod are from Target and they fit in with the natural vibe. The nice thing is I can go get a shower curtain with a pop of color and easily make a statement with it!

To warm up the bathroom, I used wood accents like the vanity and floating shelves and it helped it from feeling sterile. The vanity got a coat of weathered oak stain from Minwax and 2 coats (and wiping off excess) of Varathane gray stain. A layer of wax over the top protects the stain and wood. I added new oil rubbed knobs to fancy it up a bit.


The cabinet over the toilet had to go even though I really like the storage. I bought 2 weathered wood floating shelves from Target and added some cute baskets for storage from Home Goods and cute trinkets from Hobby Lobby.



I splurged on the mirror because I really loved the frame around the tilt mirror and it was a bit taller than other ones I found. The Kensington Pottery Barn mirror in Satin Nickel was perfect, but there were definitely cheaper options that I’m sure would have been great too 🙂

Our Best Offer Ever! Extra 30% off at World Market during Friends & Family.

I’m trying to replace the bulky toilet holder still and hopefully will come up with a solution soon, but thankfully no one hardly sees it!!

The lights are from Home Depot and originally came Brushed Nickel, but I bought the oil rubbed bronze spray from Rustoleum and now I have the dark finish against the light walls like I wanted! It’s amazing how well that spray works and they truly look like they came that way! (I can do a short tutorial on that also!)


The faucet is from Home Depot and called the Moen Banbury in Satin Nickel. It was pretty inexpensive, but had the style that would tie with the longer neck spout and older look so I gave it a go and it works just fine!


The cream countertop is still the original counter because we have an odd sized vanity that makes it nearly impossible to find that size! I really want a carrera marble countertop, but it’s super spendy so we are going to wait for now on the vanity top since ours isn’t in horrible shape anyways.

The door was replaced awhile ago when I replaced all the doors in the house with arch panel doors from the clearance section of Menards. I added oil rubbed bronze handles and hinges.




bath coll

I really like the finished look and we are already enjoying being in the bathroom so much more than before! If you like the bathroom and want to recreate the look, here is the tutorial for faux shiplap. Have a great weekend!


Source List-

Floating Shelves

Sconce Lights

Shower Curtain

Similar Shower Curtain Rod – Couldn’t find the one I bought online

Kensington Tilt Mirror / Reasonably Priced Alternative Tilt Mirror

Moen Banbury Brushed Nickel Faucet

Iron Towel Ring Holder- Hobby Lobby or Etsy

Disclosure: some of the links above are “affiliate links” that when clicked and purchased, I will receive an affiliate commission. The opinions are still mine and truthful about the product recommendation for your project.


    Kim Dagenais says:

    I love your bathroom transformation. Is the shiplap in the whole shower area? How will it hold up to the water from the shower daily? I was just curious. It looks great.

    • Chrissy says:

      Hi Kim! Thanks for your comment! It is around the shower area so we will see how it does but I put primer and paint to hopefully block out the moisture. You will see in the tutorial that’s coming that I also put sealant around all the edges of the shower where the wood meets so water cannot sneak under the wood.

    chris aka monkey says:

    chrissy your bathroom turned out awesome, taking that cabinet down took the yellowish sheen from the sink and opened up the space xx

    • Chrissy says:

      Thank you Chris! It feel so much bigger and longer with that cabinet gone! Getting rid of the storage is hard at first, but a little reorganization is all it takes 🙂 Glad you like it!!

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