Sports Ball Storage

I hope you’re all having a great summer! Speaking of summer, I wanted to share a summer project that every parent can benefit from! Do you have balls galore in your garage and need an end to the chaos!

Our garage is filled with soccer balls, footballs, basketballs, volleyballs.. random balls, haha! We needed organization ASAP. I will show you how to create your own sports ball storage to keep them all in one place.

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You can build a custom ball holder in your garage for extremely cheap. All you need are some 2×2 and 1×3 boards, a small square of plywood, screws, and bungee cords.

Start by building your square. You’ll need a top and a bottom. Using the 1×3’s and a saw, cut the pieces the size you want to create the hole. I made mine bigger so it could fit more since we have a pretty big collection. Use wood screws to hold the pieces together.

Attach the top square onto the wall or fit it into a corner like I did.. make sure to use a level to make sure it’s straight.

Once the bottom square is put together, cut some pieces of plywood to cover the top so the balls stay put in your new storage. It was trial and error to make sure it would support the flying balls that were tossed in as the kids would care less what happened to the holder.

Attach the bottom square to the wall also using the level to keep it straight about 3 feet below the top square with the plywood on the top side.

Here’s the part we added to make it more secure. My husband is great for critiquing my projects and telling me what I didn’t think of. 🙂 isn’t that nice of him?! Haha!

We added a 2x2x6 to the outside of the boxes so it would brace on the floor and keep the storage from collapsing or pulling together from the bungee cords. Just take a 2×2 and set it on the ground next to your squares on the wall. See if there’s any extra that would need to be cut off the top to make it even with the top square. Make that cut with your saw.

Screw the board onto the outside of your squares with some screws so it holds them in place. It’s a great support piece and I hate to admit that my husband was right about this one! Yikes, don’t tell him I said that!

Now you can add your bungee cords evenly around the box. Space them so the balls don’t fly out if they’re thrown in the top.

That’s it! You have completed your storage and now you can keep the random balls in one place instead of all over the garage! What a relief! Our kids love it and so does mom. 🙂

I hope this helps create a less chaotic space in your garage. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your summer!


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Boring Wall Transformed into a Beautiful Statement Piece

Hi there! Wow, it’s been awhile. Time has flown by and I haven’t had much time to blog lately and I sure do miss it.

I have a previous project that I’m so excited to share! It all starts with a boring wall that needed to make a statement when clients walk past it at the salon I massage at. Wall moulding and stencils are the answer!

Let’s start with what you need to install wall moulding. Here’s what you need..

Wall Trim

Nail Gun

Miter Saw

Measuring Tape

Decide what size the frames you want on the wall. The frames I created are tall to make the space feel bigger. Use height in your frames if you want the space to feel bigger or you can use smaller frames to break up the wall and keep a classic style. Think of an older dining room in a mansion. There would be chair rails and wall moulding on the lower half of the wall in a lot of the them.

My frames measure 1 ft from the ceiling and 1 ft from the floor and then they were centered on the wall evenly. The width of my frames are 33″ and  they are 71″ tall.

To assemble the frames, start by measuring your pieces to the length necessary and cut your corners with a miter saw.

Using a nail gun, nail together the edges to make the frame. Be careful because if you’re like me you will accidentally nail the frame to a random wall you’re using for support. 🙂

Attach the frames to the wall using the nail gun again and make sure you use your handy dandy level!

Here’s the fun part! I painted the new wall moulding the same color as the floor trim. I wanted to frame out an accent wall so here comes the accent!

You will need a stencil from Royal Stencils and some stenciling creme to create the look. I purchased the smoked oyster creme along with a stenciling brush to apply it and the Chez Sheik stencil.

A necessary step to take when using the creme is to use a paper towel to control how much is on your brush. If you have too much on the brush, it can seep under the stencil. Always wipe off the excess before applying the creme on the wall.

The stencil will come with directions on how to line up edges along with how to clean it off when you’re using it. Make sure to read it all! You can use painters tape to keep the stencil in place as you move along the wall.

Since I was stenciling only the inside of the framing, it was a little tricky to get into corners and of course I had oopsies on the framing, but they’re easy fixes so don’t stress! Use your brush to apply the creme to the wall using the stencil.

Work your way around the framing and finish with the edges. Sometimes smaller paint brushes can help for the little intricate areas.

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Once the edges are finished, you are done! The finished product is exactly what I had hoped for and the Royal Stencil worked perfectly!

Here’s the after!



It was an inexpensive face lift for the plain jane wall! The clients that walk by it love it too which makes it more exciting! I can’t wait to update the rest of the salon.. Keep an eye out for those.

Happy Summer!


How to Create a Unique Sign for Any Space

Hi there! I’ve been a busy body at home doing “mom” things.. trying to keep a household of 8 together! I can’t wait until I have more time for my projects again, but this is my purpose right now. But I do have a past project to share that was created for the salon I work at, Colleen and Company.

My boss wanted to have better signage for the salon bathroom and I found this cute sign on Pinterest so I had to recreate it! Here’s what you need to create your own sign.


Oval Wood Plaque from craft store

C Hook

Minwax Weathered Oak Wood Stain

Varathane Weathered Gray Stain

Folk Art Antique Wax

Folk Art White Wax

Cheese cloth

Stencil Sticker

Plant Hook


First, screw a C hook into the top of the plaque so it will hang from the plant hook.

Now the fun part! It’s time to stain the wood plaque. Start with the Minwax Weathered Oak wood stain. Next, wipe the weathered gray Varathane stain on the plaque using a cheesecloth to add depth in the staining. You can stain it as light or as dark as you want it!

Add some small details with the Folk Art Antique Wax in random areas on the plaque to create an old distressed piece. I also used a little Folk Art White Wax to finish off the piece to break up the dark stains. Go with your gut while applying the stain and create your own details to your liking. There’s no wrong way. 🙂

I bought a restroom vinyl sticker from Etsy for a few dollars each. Vinyl stickers are very easy to apply and worth every penny especially since I don’t have great handwriting! Apply a sticker to each side of your sign if it’s going to be seen from both sides. Follow the directions that come with the vinyl. I had to read it a couple times before I understood it. 🙂

Using masking tape and a credit card you can easily apply it! Here’s how..

It sure was tricky getting the small vinyl letters off of the adhesive, but be patient! (Insert deep breath here)

Buy a decorative plant hook to hang your beautiful sign and proudly display it! I bought mine from Ebay and I love the extra flare it gives my sign.

I hung the new sign at work for clients to enjoy and also find the bathroom a little easier. My boss loves it too so it’s a win win for everyone.

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And here’s the finished product!


Thanks for visiting and enjoy the rest of the week!


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Removing Paint from Glass

Hi there! We’ve been spending a lot of time building a room in the basement for the older nephews to sleep in and we’re almost finished! They’re busy making plans for what they want it to look and excited to help me paint!

As we work on that project, I wanted to stop by and give a quick tip for painting around glass. There’s so many times where I’ve had to paint around a window or paint furniture that has a pane of glass to paint by.

This tip will help take the stress out of painting around glass! I hate to say it, but I’m not a huge taper. Is that even a thing? Haha! You know what I mean.. I hate taking the time to tape before I paint! I’m very impatient and always super excited to get started with the project.

This doesn’t pan out well when painting around glass because I always get a ton of paint on the glass. Once I found out about this trick, it eased my worries and I could finally paint away!

Here’s the secret tool for this tip.. a razor blade! This is how it works.

Start painting around the glass without taping and believe it or not you actually want to paint the glass! Do NOT be careful and the more paint on the glass the better obviously in a reasonable amount.


Let the paint dry and then take out your secret tool. Slowly scrape the glass with the razor blade flush against the glass. Watch the magic happen!


The paint comes off so easily and leaves a clean edge of paint along the piece you’re painting. You didn’t have to waste your time taping beforehand and you have a clean paint job when you’re finished.

So what are you? A taper before the paint or razor remover after painting?

Here are some progress pictures for the basement room! They are going to love it!

unnamed (1)


Happy Friday!


Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2017

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. We’ve passed Christmas and New Year’s!!

Things have changed in our household and I’ve put my DIY projects on hold for a bit while I get a handle on things. We’ve brought in our 3 nephews to live with us and I’ve made it a priority to give them a great place to call home for now. 6 children in the home has been challenging and it leaves less time for my blog and projects, but this is what needs to happen! The boys deserve it! Please be patient as I navigate through this and definitely stay tuned as we take it day by day! Now on to business as usual..

The Benjamin Moore color trends were announced for 2017 and I would love to share them with you! Color can make or break a room and it’s just as important as the decor or furniture you put in it.

So are you ready to find out what the color of 2017 is???! Drum roll please!


Shadow 2117-30!



Picture Credits: Benjamin Moore


Last year’s color of the year was simply white which came with excitement, but also disappointment. Benjamin Moore made up for the lack of color by choosing a deep and dark color that changes in the light between black and a blue/violet. It has the ambiance to make a room divine as the light changes through the day.

The 2017 color palette follows the same trend as the color of the year. There are some deep colors like Sea-Life, Burgundy, Salamander, Dinner Party… Benjamin Moore really loves the dark tones this year! A dining room or office would be great with any of these colors.



Some lighter colors on the list are Pink Bliss, Chalk White, Cloud Cover, and Iceberg. They are soft and light with a hint of colors such as pink, cream, and green.

bmc_coty_article_01_morninglight_desktop bmccotygallery01gtrends16whitebedsidevar145992jb bmccotygallery02utrends16breakfast155502ht

Picture Credits: Benjamin Moore

I’m loving Iceberg for a bathroom. It might just make it into my master bathroom!

The current project is building a bedroom for the boys! They are picking out paint colors and I think we narrowed it down to gray walls with a thick red stripe. Who knows, it could change by the time paint is ready to go on the walls. It’s so fun to do it with them. I will be sure to post pictures of the bedroom when it’s finished!

I hope everyone is enjoying the New Year!



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Searching for the Perfect Dining Set

I’m currently shopping around for a new dining set since our old counter height table has seen better days. We bought it back in 2006 for our first formal dining table.

At the time I was in love with the counter height look even though it wasn’t well thought out with having little kiddos being around. The color of the wood was ok with me back then since it was a natural golden color and neutral like the chairs taupe microfiber fabric. I hadn’t really established my style and buying furniture for my home was exciting no matter what it looked like!

Buying a new dining set in my 30’s feels completely different! I know exactly what I want and I will be making it happen!

Here are some requirements for the new dining set.

  • Add some rustic/farmhouse charm!
  • The table color should be a dark walnut or a similar finish.
  • It needs to seat all 5 of us plus extend to seat 8 for guests.
  • The chairs need to have tufting on at least 4 of the chairs because I love it!
  • The swoop arm chairs draw me in so there is a couple of options to include this style.
  • Possibly add a pattern or color to the end chairs.
  • Find the look for less!!

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These photos inspire me and help guide my purchase by figuring out what direction I want to go.


Pottery Barn



Decor Pad


The first places I like to shop are World Market, Pier 1, Wayfair, Pottery Barn (mostly inspiration), One Kings Lane or Joss and Main, and Target.

Here are the tables in the running!

Home Decorators

Home Decorators

World Market

World Market


One Kings Lane

And here are some great chairs that I’ve found! More than likely I will do a mix and match from more than one place to get the exact feeling I want.

World Market

World Market



Home Decorator

Home Decorators



Pier 1

World Market

World Market





I’m really loving the World Market Greyson Java extension table that retails for $799, but it’s on sale for $500 thru this week. It has the dark distressed coloring I love and it extends to seat 12 people! Holy batman that’s a lot of people!

Tufted chairs make me excited for my new dining set. What do you think about having mostly tufted chairs with different end chairs possibly in a pattern? Or I could get the wooden chairs from Target and have the tufted chairs on the ends?? Ohhh, I’m so excited, but I can’t decide! Sure it is very formal when the tufted chairs are added, but I love the formal feeling for a nice family dinner.

I want to hear your opinions so sound off! I highly recommend the Greyson Java Table from World Market since I’ve seen it in person and it seems solid and well built! It’s #1 on my list at this point and I need it in time for Christmas. 🙂


Products Sources

Home Decorators Table

World Market Greyson Table

One Kings Lane Reclaimed Wood Table

World Market Chair

Wayfair Chair

Home Decorators Tufted Chair

Pier 1 Patterned Chair

World Market Teal Chair

Target Wood Chair

Target Tufted Chair

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Disclosure: some of the links above are “affiliate links” that when clicked and purchased, I will receive an affiliate commission. The opinions are still mine and truthful about the product recommendation for your project.



Cabinet Makeover on a Budget

Our rental home is sold! Score! We close at the end of the month and I’m beyond excited to end that chapter and move on to new adventures.

I want to share the changes I made to the kitchen as we wish farewell to the old house. The updates I made to the kitchen were so simple, but made a huge impact on the overall style of the kitchen. The cabinets were original to the home that was built in 1915 and they were still in decent condition. Unfortunately, they lacked style and design. The doors of the cabinets were flat and plain, but the size of the cabinets were the size of custom cabinets and worth keeping! All they needed was a little love… Continue reading →

Massage Room Makeover

In case you didn’t know this about me, I’m a massage therapist and have been for 14 years! I only work on the weekends now, but it’s nice to get out of the house without the kids for a bit.

I work at a salon and spa called Colleen and Company which was my first job out of massage school. The owner, Colleen, has recently started trusting me with the interior design at the salon. Of course I am crazy excited about it!!

The building is really old and has an old house feeling to it, but I have no idea if it actually was a house at one time or not. The massage room that I updated is a room that was built by adding a wall to an open room to split it into 2 spaces. It’s the perfect size for a massage room, but it needed a little love to make you want to come in, take your clothes off with a stranger, and get your massage on! Here’s the before!

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DIY Stick Figure Costume



We’re a month away from Halloween and it’s time to start planning the costumes! Last year my boy wanted to be a stick figure and I saw a costume at Target that was what we were looking for, but didn’t have great reviews. There were more expensive options that could be bought as a kit with LED lights, but they were around $70! So I decided to make my own.. strange. 🙂

It’s super easy to make and the only downfall is it has to be put together right before you walk out the door to ensure the brightness of the sticks. Here’s the supplies you will need..

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Our Rental Home Goes on the Market!

Well, hello! Long time no read! I have been so busy working on our rental home since the renters moved out on July 1. We had so much to fix and change to make it market ready! I went there every day with the 3 kids and I feel like we wasted half the summer there, but the house is on the market now and we’re crossing our fingers that it sells fast! Here’s what I’ve been up to the last month and a half!

Some things that we fixed and updated on the home were refinishing the wood floors, updating to stainless steel appliances, new light fixtures, every room has fresh paint, adding hardware to the kitchen cabinets, and repairing some walls.

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