DIY Blanket Ladder

I had a special request from my sister to build her a blanket ladder for her new apartment. I know, you’re probably thinking “what is a blanket ladder”? It’s an actual ladder that holds blankets! Who knew we needed such a thing. She gave me some ideas of what she wanted and I took it from there.


2 2x2x6 boards

1 1x2x6 board

1 1/2 nails

Tape measure


Miter Saw


Gray Wood Stain

Dark Walnut Stain

Cheese Cloth

Start by cutting the 2×2 boards to 77″ long. Cut the 1×2 board into 15″ pieces which will be the middle slats. There will be 4 cross boards to complete the ladder.

Shop World Market

Sand all the pieces down with 80 grit sandpaper just to clean the edges a bit, Don’t want to ruin the blankets with a snag! After it’s sanded, you’re ready to pre-drill the 15″ pieces.

Drill the holes in the ends of the boards on each side. This helps save the board from breaking once the screw goes through.

Measure and mark where the slats will go on the 2×2 boards. Starting at the top of the board, measure down 11″ from the top on each board. The next mark will be at 27″ from the top. Next, mark a spot on each board from 44.5″ from the top. The last mark will be at 60″ from the top. Both boards should now be marked for the 4 slats to go across.

Take your screws and drill them into the side of the 2×2’s at the marks you made.

Start with one side, but don’t screw it all the way through. Once all 4 screws are in, you can start screwing on the slats. I put the slats at an angle to add a little bit of cuteness to the ladder. Now you can screw the other 2×2 onto the other side to complete the ladder.

The ladder is fully assembled and ready for staining. Start by rubbing the gray stain all over the ladder with a cheese cloth. The idea is to not have a super dark gray, but more of a lightly rubbed gray.

Once it is completely stained, take the dark walnut stain and using the cheese cloth, lightly wipe small amounts of stain over the gray working in small areas. The walnut will only show streaks at this point, but then you want to rub it in to blend it with the gray.

The effect is amazing! It’s rustic with depth and looks like aged wood, but we know the truth! 🙂 And this is the finished ladder!




Here’s the blanket hanging on the new ladder. It’s from Target line Project 62.

Display your beautiful blankets or go buy some if you don’t have cute ones! Be creative with the top level. Don’t let it go to waste..  I hope you enjoy your new ladder!

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Esmee’s Room Makeover

I recently ran into an old high school friend from way back in the day and she asked me to redo her one year old’s bedroom. I was ecstatic and accepted the challenge!

Esmee is a sweet girl that wanted a pretty room to sleep in with a special place to read her books. She can’t talk so she didn’t make any special requests. 🙂 My friend Kabao was hoping for a bright colored room with pink mingled in along with a chandelier.

To save on the project, we reused her twin bed, the heart sign from Home Goods, the pink and white striped sign, the white dresser, the book organizer, and the small pink chair from Gordmans. It saved quite a bit of money in the end!

First, I decided on a color that would set the stage for the rest of the room. The color is Behr Tidewater from Home Depot in Satin. Since a chandelier was on the list, I got one for a decent price at Home Depot for $79.99, It’s 14 inch diameter is perfect for the room!

I got to painting over that icky olive color… no offense Kabao! It felt so much better in the bright shade of aqua teal that tidewater is. The hubby then installed the new chandelier and it instantly became a princess’ room.

I hung up new white blockout curtains at the moms request, but we plan on switching them out for the 96″ length since they are a tad short. We put a second pair over the closet to create a dramatic effect on something not so dramatic… 🙂

I hung up some cute artwork from a few different stores and included some garland that the family used for Esmee’s 1st birthday party.

Here is the before and after!

1STOPLighting Now Carries Patio Umbrellas, Heaters and Furniture Covers!


The before and afters are staggering! Esmee is a lucky girl!






And Esmee is already reading in her new room! We didn’t even tell her to do that, haha!



Source List-

Twin Bedding Set- Buy Buy Baby

Lamp- Hayneedle

Rug- Wayfair

Nightstand- Walmart

Chair- Gordmans

Curtains- Kohl’s

Chandelier- Home Depot Hampton Bay Maria Theresa

Paint- Home Depot Behr Tidewater

I love this makeover and it was done with budget in mind. It’s always great to be able to incorporate into your new design.
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Disclosure: some of the links above are “affiliate links” that when clicked and purchased, I will receive an affiliate commission. The opinions are still mine and truthful about the product recommendation for your project

How to Pick the Perfect Bunk Bed for Your Kids

You’ve guessed it! I’m in the market for bunk beds for my littles. I have a 8 year old and 4 year old daughter that share a room, but the room doesn’t have enough space to fit 2 twin beds. I’ve never liked the idea of bunk beds because they don’t fit my design aesthetic and of course every kid wants to sleep on the top! Haha!! The change came when the girls decided to share a room and Violet is almost out of her toddler bed. There’s not enough room for 2 twin beds at least to my liking.

It’s important to find a bunk bed that has style, but also safe for the kids. It must be sturdy and also have high rails to keep them from falling off. Some bunk beds come with stairs to help little ones get up and down because lord knows it’s not easy to get down when you’re half asleep.

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Sports Ball Storage

I hope you’re all having a great summer! Speaking of summer, I wanted to share a summer project that every parent can benefit from! Do you have balls galore in your garage and need an end to the chaos!

Our garage is filled with soccer balls, footballs, basketballs, volleyballs.. random balls, haha! We needed organization ASAP. I will show you how to create your own sports ball storage to keep them all in one place.

1STOPLighting Now Carries Patio Umbrellas, Heaters and Furniture Covers!

You can build a custom ball holder in your garage for extremely cheap. All you need are some 2×2 and 1×3 boards, a small square of plywood, screws, and bungee cords.

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Boring Wall Transformed into a Beautiful Statement Piece

Hi there! Wow, it’s been awhile. Time has flown by and I haven’t had much time to blog lately and I sure do miss it.

I have a previous project that I’m so excited to share! It all starts with a boring wall that needed to make a statement when clients walk past it at the salon I massage at. Wall moulding and stencils are the answer!

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How to Create a Unique Sign for Any Space

Hi there! I’ve been a busy body at home doing “mom” things.. trying to keep a household of 8 together! I can’t wait until I have more time for my projects again, but this is my purpose right now. But I do have a past project to share that was created for the salon I work at, Colleen and Company.

My boss wanted to have better signage for the salon bathroom and I found this cute sign on Pinterest so I had to recreate it! Here’s what you need to create your own sign.

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Removing Paint from Glass

Hi there! We’ve been spending a lot of time building a room in the basement for the older nephews to sleep in and we’re almost finished! They’re busy making plans for what they want it to look and excited to help me paint!

As we work on that project, I wanted to stop by and give a quick tip for painting around glass. There’s so many times where I’ve had to paint around a window or paint furniture that has a pane of glass to paint by.

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Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2017

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. We’ve passed Christmas and New Year’s!!

Things have changed in our household and I’ve put my DIY projects on hold for a bit while I get a handle on things. We’ve brought in our 3 nephews to live with us and I’ve made it a priority to give them a great place to call home for now. 6 children in the home has been challenging and it leaves less time for my blog and projects, but this is what needs to happen! The boys deserve it! Please be patient as I navigate through this and definitely stay tuned as we take it day by day! Now on to business as usual..

The Benjamin Moore color trends were announced for 2017 and I would love to share them with you! Color can make or break a room and it’s just as important as the decor or furniture you put in it.

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Searching for the Perfect Dining Set

I’m currently shopping around for a new dining set since our old counter height table has seen better days. We bought it back in 2006 for our first formal dining table.

At the time I was in love with the counter height look even though it wasn’t well thought out with having little kiddos being around. The color of the wood was ok with me back then since it was a natural golden color and neutral like the chairs taupe microfiber fabric. I hadn’t really established my style and buying furniture for my home was exciting no matter what it looked like!

Buying a new dining set in my 30’s feels completely different! I know exactly what I want and I will be making it happen!

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Cabinet Makeover on a Budget

Our rental home is sold! Score! We close at the end of the month and I’m beyond excited to end that chapter and move on to new adventures.

I want to share the changes I made to the kitchen as we wish farewell to the old house. The updates I made to the kitchen were so simple, but made a huge impact on the overall style of the kitchen. The cabinets were original to the home that was built in 1915 and they were still in decent condition. Unfortunately, they lacked style and design. The doors of the cabinets were flat and plain, but the size of the cabinets were the size of custom cabinets and worth keeping! All they needed was a little love… Continue reading →